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Foam Beading: fine motor. scissor use. tripod grasp.

We spent a "maybe-it's-going-to-rain-maybe-it's-not" afternoon this week making these fun foam bracelets.
(we've had a cool and rainy week around here...lot's of rainy day play time, and perfect timing for our  Rainy Summer Days play/activity round-up over at Share It Saturday linky!!)
Or, maybe it's just typical Western Pennsylvania weather :)
We had a cousin play date this week and between searching for worms, picking flowers, and sandbox play...had fun making these

Foam Bracelets.

We started with foam rollers and pipe cleaners.
The older kids snipped the foam rollers into pieces.  I drew lines along the roller with a pen, and they were able to cut along the lines. 
Be careful with cutting these.  Only older children should cut the rollers, and under supervision.  Use your best judgment based on your child's abilities.
Cutting the foam roll was a neat sensation! It took a little cutting "oomph" concentration.  That different texture is great for cutting practice and line awareness. 

We used the foam pieces to "bead" onto pipe cleaners.  The center hole fits perfectly onto a pipe cleaner.  We had a 3 year old, a 4 year old, and a 5 year old who sat for a while and filled up their pipe cleaners with foam beads.

This is a great fine motor task to work on

Tripod Grasp and Bilateral Hand Coordination

in little hands.  They were all concentrating so hard on this task!

Little Guy loves the color red!  His pipe cleaner was red of course...and he didn't even notice the PINK foam beads :)

We had a fun time with our beading session.  And even came up with a few other accessories:

And then the cousins were off and running through the yard again :)
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