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Messy Sensory Play for Kids

Disclosure: We received a Mighty Handle to review and giveaway.  All opinions are our own.

We were very excited to do a review and giveaway on a new product.  The Mighty Handle is a MUST for moms with little hands to hold in parking lots.  How many times have you had a car load of grocery bags to unload and kids to wrangle into the house (before they bolt down the street...)? 
This product is our new best friend! 
I loved that I could carry bags, and bags, and BAGS of groceries in one trip from the car.  The Mighty Handle really distributes the weight.  The unique design of the Mighty Handle kept all of the groceries upright and in place.  I even carried in a bag with eggs and bread without squashed or broken groceries. 
When this mom heads out the grocery store, I get a lot of "you have your hands FULL!" and sympathetic looks.  What mom of three doesn't??  I loved that the Mighty Handle wasn't a huge thing to worry about.  I could slip it right in my purse and put the grocery bags right onto it when it was time to bring in the groceries.  It's the perfect size to fit right into your glove box to have when needed.  I'm seeing lots of use for the Might Handle as the holidays approach and I need to bring bags into the house before little eyes see everything that was purchased :)
Would you like to try the Mighty Handle?  We've got one to give away, YAY!  Enter the giveaway below!  This giveaway is limited to Contiguous US residents only.

 Messy Sensory Play for Kids


We've done lots of messy play activities and this is a round-up of our favorites.  Sensory play is great for kids to explore textures, their senses, and have fun.  We love messy play!







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