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Color Coded Christmas Paper

Practicing handwriting can be a struggle.  Sometimes, making the writing task fun can be just the thing to encourage practice.  This Color Coded Christmas Paper is part of our modified Christmas paper packet.  I decided to break the packet up into parts so that those of you who are interested in just one type of paper can benefit from a lower price.

Color Coed Christmas paper for modified writing to improve handwriting legibility.

Color Coded Christmas Paper

Color coded paper is beneficial to many kids for several reasons.  Kids can address handwriting needs when presented with color specific lines.  Knowing where to place their pencil to start and stop pencil strokes can help with legibility.

There are many areas of handwriting that this type of paper can address:
Line awareness
Letter size
Letter placement
Spatial awareness
Proper letter construction

Read more about color coded paper and it's benefits in written work.

Want to try color coded paper with a Christmas theme?  This is a great paper to use for letters to Santa, holiday wish lists, thank you notes, shopping lists, recipe sharing, and Christmas time to-do lists.

Kids can practice handwriting in a way that is fun and meaningful with color coded Christmas handwriting paper.

Grab your Color Coded Christmas Paper packet for $2.99.

What's in the Color Coded Christmas Paper packet?

(1) 10 pages of paper for practicing handwriting, including:

  • 4 Christmas border designs in single space (narrow rule lines)
  • 4 Christmas border designs in double space (wide rule lines)
  • "Dear Santa" writing prompt paper in narrow rule and wide rule
(2) Christmas themed writing prompt for ideas to encourage handwriting in a fun and meaningful way

(3)A How to Use This Paper writing guide

Use color coded Christmas paper for modifications during handwriting.

You can grab this printable packet for $2.99 and print to use over and over again.

OR, if you want to try several types of paper (bold lined paper and highlighted lined paper are also available), you can purchase the packets that work for your child or students.  For teachers or therapists, the whole bundle might be a better option.  You'll find 30 pages bundled together and will save $1.

 Color coded Christmas paper packet for handwriting needs.

Get 30 pages of modified paper with a Christmas Theme for legible and neat Letters to Santa, Christmas Wish Lists, Thank You Notes, Holiday Lists, and MORE! 

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