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Circus Party Cookies

Cookies for a Vintage Circus Party!

I love when I get a request to make cookies. It's such an outlet for creativity and it's awesome to have time to myself in the kitchen...after the kids are all in bed for the night, of course...time to myself after 8pm is still time to myself :)

This cookie order came from my sweet friend Natalie, thebusybudgetingmama Go check out the details from her girl's Vintage Circus birthday party. So many cute DIY details!

When we were talking cookies, she gave me the go-ahead to be creative! I was told the party theme and color scheme. Yay, blank (cookie) canvases!!!

Here's what I came up with for her circus party...what is the circus without popcorn???

I used a cupcake cutter to modify cutouts into a circus tent.


The stars of the circus couldn't be forgotten on these cookies!

(you can see the tips of a football cookie, helmet, and high heel cookie...special requests from my Little Guy and Big Sister. They woke up the next morning and were so excited to see the cookies I decorated just for them!)


There may have been one (or two) that were "taste tested".

Even the chef needs a late-night snack!!!

~Posted by Colleen