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Homemade Sugar(aunts) Body Scrub

DIY Sugar Body Scrub

With the holidays just around the corner, I was thinking of what I could make for homemade gifts.  I wanted something that would be easy and fun (and appreciated).  I decided to make a sugar scrub, and of course I had to try it myself first!  This homemade body sugar scrub is something that the kids can help with.  Isn't it fun to make DIY gifts with the kids and watch them give their presents away?  I love watching their little faces as Grandma opens her presents that they picked out, worked on, wrapped, and handed over.  Children get so excited about making a gift and giving it.  It's a great lesson this holiday season!
This scrub is easily made with ingredients in most pantries.


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*Start out with a clean jar (I used an empty salsa jar)

*Fill 3/4 of the jar with Sugar in the Raw (you could also use coarse Sea Salt)

*Fill the rest of the jar with Olive Oil- try to leave a little room at the top so you can stir without making a mess.

*Dash in a few teaspoons of vanilla- make it as strong as you like.

I added a splash of orange extract along with the vanilla- made a yummy smell!  This would be a perfect size for a gift.  I painted the lid so you can't tell it is a salsa jar!

You could also try a baby food jar and make super cute baby shower gifts! If you paint the lid white you could stamp on little feet in pink or blue...oh, the endless possibilities.... 

Decorate with some pretty bows, adds the perfect touch to any gift!

It smells so good! You're gonna want to eat it (but don't).

Go make some homemade sugar scrub for yourself and feel the love! Your skin will thank you!!!

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