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Fine Motor turkey

This Fine Motor Turkey works all the small motor skills of the hands!

Before the kiddos do this project, start out by using a pen to poke holes along the top of a thick paper plate.  Pushing the feathers into the plate's holes will work their Tripod Grasp.  Use feathers, pipe cleaners, felt feathers to explore different textures, work the patterns, or just pop them in any old order.

Big Sister helped me make this turkey as an example for a playgroup craft.  She counted out the googly eyes (picking them up with a Pincer Grasp) by twos.

Basic math skills and figuring out that 8 sets of 2's are 16.

Cutting triangle beaks and folding them to isolate the index finger (Important in separating the two sides of the hand)...

Little squares of tissue paper...
Crumbling little bits of paper strengthens the intrinsic muscles of the hands.  

The Finished product!

I love that she used two different sized eyes. And pulled the feet off. "I like it better without feet, Mom".  Her turkey has a lot of character!  Just like my little Big Sister!