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Halloween Sensory Bin

With Our Trick Or treating postponed until this weekend (due to Hurricane Sandy weather), we have been continuing with the Halloween activities for a few extra days.

This Halloween Sensory bin was very much needed this morning! 

Sometimes, you can tell that all-out chaos is about to let loose in the house, unless Mom comes in to rescue the littlest (babies who can not-quite run) from out of harms way...flying couch cushions anyone??

I brought out this sensory bin and the couches were saved from three bouncing (catapulting?) children.

Halloween Sensory Bin

This skeleton guy had a lot of fun too ;)

All it took were googly eyes, plastic spiders, orange beads, rings, and other random Halloween stuff all mixed in with the (still squishy-hydrated-awesome) water beads! 

Happy Friday!


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