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Candy-less Gingerbread House **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Day 6 of 25 Days of Christmas Play

Today we had a ton of fun. We created this Candy-less Gingerbread House from a cardboard box.  

It was really easy and Big Sister and Little Guy played with it for a long time.  The creating part lasted a while when the babies were sleeping.

Sleeping Beauty looooves her new house ;)

To make it, I cut up a box into enough pieces, just eye-balling the size.  No need for measuring.  The kids don't notice and you never know when a superhero might accidentally destroy the house ;)

Little Guy wanted me to use his special red duct tape.  

(to easily get the house shape, lay the tape on one piece then stick the corner piece onto the strip of tape.)  You can make a row of four squares then close up the last shape by putting the tape on from the inside. 

Does that make sense?

After all the seams are taped up, turn the whole thing upside down.  You don't need a princesses and superheros can get in a little easier...

Tape the triangle roof pieces on.

Then, cover with two more squares for a roof.  I pulled one side of the cardboard off for a shingled look.  

It looks cute, I think :)

Spiderman really liked his new home.

After it was built, I pulled out a bag of mixed crafting materials and a ton of glue.  

Big Sister had so much fun.  She went crazy gluing stuff on.  

It was a lot like our process vs. product play activity. 

We had a fun day with our Candy-less Gingerbread House...but Little Guy said needed a little bit of candy  to east while he was helping to build it.  "You have to eat a Gingerbread house, Mom!"

We are having so much fun with our Christmas Play activities...Check out the new tab at the top for all of the  25 Days of Christmas Play that we've done so far.