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End of 2012 thing...

It's true that we've only been in the blogging world for (almost) four whole months. However, it has truly been so much fun and with only a few (major) bumps in the road.

(Ok, yes our entire blog shut down and we lost all of our hard work, photos, and page views.  Twice...but hey, it could have been THREE times, right?)

We three sisters have always been close.  We are close in age and grew up sharing each other's clothes, going on backyard adventures, fighting, and then forgetting about the fights so we could do more important things... like catching frogs and making up dance routines to the tunes from our pink cassette player :)

 Now we have all these kids that are best friends/cousins that are so close in age.  We are SO lucky that we live pretty close to one another.  But, since we've started this little website called Sugar Aunts, we have been talking even more frequently, calling each other daily, and going out on "Business Meeting" girls nights out (shopping, coffee, and laughing allllll night are common at all business meetings, right???).

So now, even though this little project is only in it's baby stage and has a LONG way to go, we are so pleased to have YOU for readers and are SO thankful for that!

We were thrilled to share our ideas over the past four months...and SO look forward to the coming year and all that it brings!

Wishing you the Happiest of New Years and many blessings in 2013!

~Colleen, Leanne, and Erin