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Mess-Free Indoor Snow Sensory Play

Fine Motor, Sensory Play, Hand Strengthening...

We made Indoor Snow one recent weekend, when we had a big cousin sleep over.  There were six kids aged five and under staying overnight at our house.  I had this activity planned for us to do together, (because I procrastinated ) and had to get it together to take to a Winter Festival at our church the next day.  

((Taking the Messy Play on the Road))

We've made this before and I have the recipe listed on our Messy Play Day post.

We shredded the toilet paper and the kids had a BLAST!
It started out so neat and kind.

 And then turned in to this.

And this.

Of course it did.
Why wouldn't it? 
((Ok, that part of this post was NOT mess-free...the end result is mess-free. I promise.))

So, then we popped the Ivory soap into the microwave...

mixed it up with the toilet paper...

And played!

THIS is the mess-free part.
We made the Indoor Snow into a mess-free play that was great for hand strengthening, fine motor skills, and sensory play.   My little helpers added foam snowflake stickers, glass gems, and glitter.  We put the whole mess into a gallon sized baggie.   This was so much fun for them to play with and explore.  

Fun Times!!