Easter Bunny Cuties | The OT Toolbox

Easter Bunny Cuties

We have been playing with these little bunny cuties a lot recently.  Using them in imagination play, small world play, and for a little Easter bunny game.

They are made with cotton balls, and ears cut from fleece and hot glued into place.
Big Sister helped me make the grass mat by gluing strips of crepe paper onto a napkin and snipping with scissors to make it look like grass.  I think the quote was...
"Wow, this is cool, Mom!"

Easter Themed Small World Play

 Baby Girl especially loved playing with the little bunnies in a small world play set-up.  She would move the bunnies, stones, and carrots one at a time from the bowl to the grass...and then back again.

Easter Themed Imaginative Play

Big Sister had fun using the bunnies for imagination play, making them go into their garden, lining up the rocks, and making the bunnies steal the carrots.

Little Guy wanted nothing to do with any of this.
I guess there were not any superheroes or bad guys involved. 
Cute little bunnies are not his thing :)

I wanted to try a little Easter-themed game with Big Sister.  I put the cotton ball bunnies out on the table, along with the grass and some straws. 

She had to blow the bunnies into the grass using a straw. 

Oral-Motor Exercise with straw

This is a fun exercise/game for kids with oral-motor problems including poor lip closure, stability of the jaw, or muscle development of the mouth, jaw, and tongue.  Blowing through a straw can also help with sensorimotor integration. 
Older kids who constantly put things into their mouth (pencils, clothing, fingers...) may be seeking oral input/sensorimotor input that their body needs. 

This game is a fun way to work on any of these areas.  Use fatter straws at first and work toward thinner straws for a graded exercise.  If this activity to too difficult for your child with oral-motor or sensorimotor needs, try a smaller item such as a feather or a crafting fuzz ball.

We are having a lot of fun with our little bunnies!