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Pirate Theme Party- Inspiration Board

My little guy is turning TWO!  Ahhhh, how is this happening?

I have a few weeks left to plan a party (I have been procrastinating a little).
This is my inspiration board for a Pirate Theme Party.  My little guy is in love with Jake and the Neverland Pirates...what better theme than Pirate theme for this little dude?

We are going planning the party in Pittsburgh, came across this place called Toys2Try with a cute indoor play area with a pirate ship. 
Could this be any better?

The great thing about this place is that you get the whole area during your party, and you get to bring any food you want!

I am getting lost on Pinterest for HOURS.  There are so many great ideas out there.
So, here is my inspiration board that I have come up with so far...

 1.  Crafting and Creativity-Look at these great snack ideas!!!

2.  Disney Go- I have seen these little things all over Pinterest.  Not sure where they first were thought up at, but aren't they adorable!?!?!

3.  The Party Dress- The little girls would LOVE this Pixie Dust (they all love Izzy).

4. Ziggity Zoom- these are the cutest sandwiches I have ever seen.  Not sure if I will have the ambition to make these, but they sure are cute.

5.  Befickle-These are some super favors, such great ideas with the gold candy, bandanas, and eye patches.

Please feel free to link any of your parties or ideas in the comments, we would love to see them!
Can't wait to share the party post with you:)