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Share It Saturday #10 and our Week-In-Review

Happy Weekend!!
We have hit another all-time record high with 146 links submitted to our Share It Saturday link up party!  We really look forward to Share It Saturday each week.  It is pretty amazing to see what each of you have been up to each week.  We are honored to have such creative readers!
Before we get to our features, we will share a little bit of our
Big Sister showed us that she totally takes after her mother.  I came home after being out for a few hours last weekend to find her setting up for a St. Patrick's Day party.

We had a beautiful day one day this week and headed out to the zoo with a couple of the cousins.  We still needed gloves and hats, but the sun was shining and we loved checking out all of the animals.
((The Rhino seemed to have as much excess energy as these three did!))

Then the next day, we woke up to this:

We ended up with 6 inches of snow and a snow day with Pre-K being cancelled, so of course we had to get outside and play.
It was perfect snowman making snow!
(I'm not completely sure why this is a frowny face snowman. I do know that we also had another snowman who was the "Bad Guy Snowman" and was built completely so that Little Guy could beat him up with a shovel. Maybe this "Good Guy Snowman" was a little scared after seeing his buddy being smashed into snowball smithereens??) LOL!

Baby Girl took her first ride in a cardboard box around the living room. 
There were squeals of excitement :)
Big Sister is now officially registered for Kindergarten in the fall :( How do they grow up so fast??
Her quote of the day was: "Sorry, I can't go to Kindergarten next year. I'm going to college".

And NOW, Let's get on to our Favorites from Share It Saturday!!
We join the gals at Golden Grasses and Teach Beside Me as co-hosts in our weekly link up party...

 These were our favorite link ups from last week.  We thought each of these activities would be absolutely and totally LOVED by our own kids.  I can see us doing any of these activities in our own homes and hearing CHEERS!   We may just be doing some of these projects in the near future...

Gift of Curiosity made Magic Fizzing Shamrocks.  I know of several little children (and nieces/nephews who would LOVE to get their hands into this project!
Two-Daloo hosted a Messy Playdate/Language Stimulation activity all with the theme of COLOR.  You may know this by now, but we LOVE themed playdates and the messier, the better :)
Crafty Journal created super cute bunny treat bags. We have an annual Easter Egg Hunt in this family and I can totally see this being a crafty project for lots of nieces and nephews!
Stories and Children tells us some useful tips on using real tools with children.  This is something my Little Guy would go bonkers for! He LOVES tools :)
Artsy Fartsy Mama shows us how to create bracelets using popsicle sticks. Did you know you can boil popsicle sticks and make them bend? Big Sister and a few nieces I know would love everything about this project!