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Spring Sensory Seek and Find

We've done something like this before. 

This was another version of a no-mess indoor sensory play activity.

Today we used some spring flowers that we had and stuck them inside a plastic bag.
We filled it with aloe gel and some food coloring.

There were matching stickers on a piece of paper so the kids had to seek and find the match.

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 Looking back and forth to find the matches is great for visual scanning and visual memory.

Pushing the gel around to find the sticker below helps with fine motor strength, including index finger isolation.

This was Baby Girl's version of fun:

...we did not tape the bag to seal it closed, but you may want to.  It would also be fun to tape the bag to a window like we did in the linked activity.  The gel bag is fun for practicing letter and number formation too.
Have fun with this :)

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