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Butterfly Painting

This was an easy set-up and fun craft we did one afternoon recently. 
Coffee filters, water colors, a straw, and a little cup of water are all you need to make these pretty butterfly wings.
Use the straw to drip water into the water colors.  Little Guy and Big Sister both loved dropping the water into the color wells.  Big Sister felt pretty good about showing her little brother how to drop the water into the color wells using her straw. 

This is a great activity to work on thumb isolation and control of the thumb during fine motor activities. 

Dip the coffee filters into the colors, drip color on with a paintbrush, or drop color with the straw.  It's fun to try different ways to color the filters and see the colors blend together.
We used clothes pins to scrunch the coffee filters up into a butterfly.  (Another good fine motor strengthening activity!)  Use a pipe cleaner to form the antenna. 

They look pretty!  Big Sister wanted to hang them on the ceiling of her room.  We strung the butterflies on yarn and taped them to her ceiling. 

I will post a picture of the Butterfly Garland strung along her ceiling tomorrow on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Be sure to stop by and check it out!

What Skills are we working on with this PLAY activity?

Thumb Isolation

Thumb Strengthening

Fine Motor Dexterity

Learning Colors



...and so much more!