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Peep Popcorn

Get ready to use up all that Easter candy!
Somehow we cannot avoid the Peeps around Easter time...they always end up in the house.  My daughter and I made this popcorn mixture as a snack for the annual cousin Easter egg hunt.  We thought it was pretty yummy (and fun to make)!

 I pretty much made it like you would make a Rice Krispie treats.
Make approx 6 cups popcorn
1/2 stick butter
6 rows Peeps
First, pop some plain popcorn kernels into a large bowl.
 Melt half a stick of butter and add some marshmallows and peeps.  I added a few more marshmallows for some extra goo.  You could definitely add only peeps (try adding different colors).

I will admit that my daughter and I both made a few whimpers as we watched these little cute peeps melt:(

Once it has melted together to make a soupy gooey mixture stir it all together.

 We added a few extras...egg sprinkles, white chocolate M&M's, and pretzel M&M's.