Playing With Color: Toddler Play

We’ve been on a BLUE kick around here these days.
This was a fun little play activity for the Toddlers.  Nephew (19 months) was with us one day and LOVED doing this.  
I put the blue inner tube and a little basketful of balls out on the dining room floor.  I put one ball into the center of the inner tube and he was INTO it!  Little nephew went crazy putting the balls in the center, taking them out, putting them back into the basket.  This was FUN!

This little (and EASY…seriously, it does not get much easier than this…) game will be coming out again.  This Aunt can clean up the breakfast mess when something like this is going on!
What are we learning with this activity?

Toddler Eye-Hand Coordination

Toddler Visual-motor skills

Cause and effect

(if I throw this ball into the center, it might bounce out…)

Learning colors

Gross Motor Skills (throwing, rolling, bouncing)