Hammer Golf Tees into The Ground

Do you know the hand eye coordination benefits of hammering golf tees into the ground? This fine motor and hand-eye coordination activity is great for summer!

We took this one a step further and used our hammer and golf tees in other ways, too!

Hammer Golf Tees Into the Ground

We have taken the challenge!  You all know how much we love to play with our kids.  And play matters!  Play is the child’s occupation…they learn so much through process of using their imagination, working their fine motor skills, building self-confidence, developing language…and MORE. All through their daily play! 


This was an easy (and fun) activity that we all enjoyed.  We have played with golf tees in the past, and had SO much fun (check it out!).  My Little Guy will often times ask if I can pull out the golf tees for him to hammer into an empty egg carton. 

We took this activity outside and hammered away!  This was big time fun for Little Guy and Big Sister.  They sat for a long time as we hammered golf tees all around the big tree in our back yard.

We added some yarn for a little extra fun and connected the golf tees.  We were planning to add Little Guy’s Spiderman guy to climb in the web, but there was a giant Thunderstorm brewing.  We gathered up our golf tees and hammers and headed indoors.

Hammer Golf Tees into a Box

Since we hadn’t had enough with the golf tees and wanted to hammer a bit more…I pulled out an empty shoe box and stuck on some dot stickers.  I wrote the alphabet on them and we got busy, hammering away the ABC’s.

Baby Girl got in there, too.  She would pull the tees out and put them back into the holes.


We ended up adding the yarn again to connect the tees for more fine motor (and fun) play.