#colors #finemotor #sensory WATER PLAY (Sensory Paint Play-Part 2) | The OT Toolbox

#colors #finemotor #sensory WATER PLAY (Sensory Paint Play-Part 2)

This is part 2 of a two-part outdoor messy play activity.  If you missed part one, Sensory Paint Play(Part1)  was very fun...Check it out!  We left the bubble wrap/blue paint dry right in the bins overnight.


The next day was another super hot and sunny day.  Add a bin of water and some empty plastic bottles, and let the fun begin.


The paint-y, texture-y, messy play returned when the water was added.

Plus, it's just fun to pour water from bottles.

And put the bottles on your head, of course.

What a fun sensory play experience!

 #FineMotor Play

Baby Girl thought it would be pretty fun to drop the gems and beads into the plastic bottles.  She did this for a LONG time.  That little 'bonk' sound was pretty cool!

and, such a great fine motor task.

{{LOVE this picture!}}


When all of the water was added, we had a blast on this 85 degree day in our BLUE water bin!

Looking for more BLUE play activities:

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