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Learning Through Play with 60+ Sensory Bins

 Share It Saturday #26!
It's Share It Saturday again! This is our 26th week of co-hosting Share It Saturday and Wow, what fun this has been!  We've met so many great bloggers through this linky party and even begun collaborations on projects together! 
Looking through the features for this week, we noticed a running theme.  It seems lots of folks are enjoying their days with their kiddos by doing fun and educational...

Sensory Bins!

If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you probably know that we love any sensory inspired play and sensory bins are one of our favorites!  We've done holiday themed bins, educational learning bins, color themed bins... There is no limit to the type or learning aspects you can develop through sensory bins.

So what is so great about Sensory Bins?

Sensory bins are a fantastic way for young children to explore their senses.  Kids, especially the younger set, learn through touch...picking up an object, manipulating it's weight, exploring it's color, texture, and size...and comparing the object to others.  Sensory bins allow a child to use all of their senses when exploring objects.  They can feel the different textures, see the contrasting colors, smell rice/corn/paper/whatever, hear the crunch of materials, even taste the objects.  And then there is the proprioceptive and kinesthetic senses that come into play when the child picks up and manipulates the items in relation to his body. 
While all of this sensory stuff is completely awesome for little ones, don't forget the learning that happens when a sensory bin is explored: colors, shapes, matching, comparing/contrasting, language development, sorting, counting, and fine motor skills, language development, and imagination skills. 
The topics of sensory bins are limitless.  You can build a bin around a science theme, a specific letter of the alphabet, a holiday, or just throw some black beans in a bowl and add a few spoons and cotton balls...FUN!
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Let's see what super fun and imaginative sensory bins our featured linkers came up with this week:
Alphabet Learning Through Play by Little Bins for Little Hands
(ten completely fun and educational alphabet themed bins!)
Dinosaur Life Cycle Sensory Bin by Baby Giveaways Galore
(we NEED to do a dinosaur sensory bin!)

Bird Seed Sensory Bin by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
(we love playing in a bin of bird seed in this house!!)
Black and White Sensory Bin by My Nearest and Dearest
(LOVE the visual contrast for little ones!)

Ice Cream Bar Sensory Play by Finding the Teachable Moments
(this looks very fun!)

Ocean Sensory Table by Stir The Wonder
(oh, our kids would love this one!)

(perfect edible sensory play for babies!)

Zoo Sensory Bins by Fantastic and Fun Learning
(Such fun with this collection of sensory bins!)
40+ Farm Sensory Bins by Living Montessori Now
(...we made the list...YYYEEAH! Seriously, there are great ideas in this post!)

Some of our favorite Sensory Bin posts:

 You may want to see more of our Sensory Bins here.
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