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Swamp Explorers Dramatic Pretend Play

We love great sensory play.  So when I saw these lizards, snakes, and bugs from Gummylump.com, I knew we had to create a swampy sensory play.  With a little summer learning mixed in!

I set this up for the kids by scattering a few creatures around our yard, and creating a swamp sensory bin.  Complete with mucky water.

When they saw the swamp in our baby pool, they jumped right in!  We went on a hunt looking for swampy creatures of all colors. 

 We had a check list to find creatures of different types and color.  These were stuck on to a wipe board with play dough for easy portability around the yard.

Big Sister carried this around as she and Little Guy went on a hunt for swamp creatures.  She would mark them off as they found each one.  We talked about similarities and differences in the animal types and colors.  She loved using a white board marker to write.  We worked on her handwriting including letter formation and spacing.  Little Guy is a new four year old and counted out each of the lizards, snakes, and bugs he found.  He did a great one-to-one correspondence and is getting much better at sloooowing down when he counts objects!  This was such a fun outdoor learn and play activity for all of us!

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