Multi-Age Learning with Colors

We loved the link ups this week.  There were so many fun choices.  We went with a colorful theme for our features this Share It Saturday.  Our kids LOVE painting, coloring, drawing, and creating with COLOR and so this line up of colorful activities is sure to be fun for our kids.  The links below can be activities graded for your toddler who is just learning colors, to your preschooler how is learning patterns and multi-step direction following, to your school-aged child who is learning letter formation, handwriting, science and math!  How many ways can you adjust the activities below to fit the needs of your child or classroom?  The possibilities are endless.  Check out the features below and find a few fun ideas and inspiration for learning with color!

We’re thankful it’s the weekend! It’s hard to believe that the summer has gone by and fall schedules are beginning again. With all of the back-to-school business, we almost missed our first blog anniversary happening next week!  What a year this has been.  Next week we are thanking YOU, our readers, with a few special giveaways, so stay tuned and stop by each day for a surprise 🙂

Learning with COLOR!

Color Hunt by Relentlessly Fun and Deceptively Educational

Mixing Colors Inside a Bottle by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Easy Toddler Name Art by Learn With Play at Home

Crayon Art by Kids Fun 101

Teaching Shapes and Colors with Rainbow Rocks by Fun-A-Day

More Ways to Learn With Color:

Honey Bee Games and Activities Inspired by The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

We used our honey bees in a fine motor game where we matched the number of bees to the number on a honey pot.  The pinching motion to open the clothes pin is great for strengthening the muscles in little hands.  It really develops the arches of the hands and allows the child to improve his or her tripod grasp and handwriting.  This was a great activity for Little Guy (age 4), who is learning one-to-one correspondence in counting and number awareness. 

When we were given the opportunity to work on a Winnie The Pooh post, the three of us Aunts were SO excited!  We (and our kids) are huge fans of Pooh Bear and all of his friends.  The movie The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh became available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and HD on August 27th.
Did you watch this video as a child like we did?  You might remember the catchy songs and the cute and cuddly friends.  Now you can experience again (and with your own children), the friendships, imagination, and adventure of the Hundred Acre Woods when all of your favorite characters come alive in this timeless motion picture.
My kids were delighted with the bee scene in the movie, when Winnie The Pooh is trying his hardest to stop the “rumbly in his tumbly” with a little honey.  Little Guy has been singing this tune over and over again.  We decided to make some honey bee games and activities to go along with this scene.  We love to encourage fine motor, gross motor, and sensory development with our kid’s activities and crafts, and had to include those skills here, too!
I created honey bee pinch pins that were perfect for our little screening party and could be used in so many ways.
Materials: clothes pins, yellow and black pipe cleaners, googly eyes, wax paper, hot glue gun and glue.
Directions: 1. Pinch together one black and one yellow pipe cleaner.  Wrap these around the end of a clothes pin.  We used about half of each color pipe cleaner and cut the excess off.

2. Cut wings from wax paper.  Use the hot glue gun to glue the wings to the backs of the bees. 

3.  Hot glue the googly eyes to the front of the bee.  Your bee is now ready for play!

Honey Bee Fine Motor Game

We used our honey bees in a fine motor game where we matched the number of bees to the number on a honey pot.  The pinching motion to open the clothes pin is great for strengthening the muscles in little hands.  It really develops the arches of the hands and allows the child to improve his or her tripod grasp and handwriting.  This was a great activity for Little Guy (age 4), who is learning one-to-one correspondence in counting and number awareness. 

Honey Bee Gross Motor Activity

The honey pots were used again when we played a faster paced gross motor game, encouraging the kids to use their large muscle groups.  This time, I spread the honey pots out all over our living room floor.  I called out a number and the kids would have to race off to find the honey pot with that number.  Once they found their honey pot, they then had to run over to a large bee hive that we created from a recycled snack container and crepe paper.  I asked them to count out the number of bees to match the number on their honey pot, and drop them into the large bee hive.  To make it harder for my preschooler and kindergartener, I had them close their eyes.  This gross motor activity was just what they needed to get some energy out on a rainy afternoon!  As a bonus, they were developing their eye-hand coordination, and visual scanning skills as they scanned for numbers and counted out the bees.  They have already asked to play this game again!  This would be such a fun game for a Winnie The Pooh themed birthday party…and I have two little ones to attest for it being fun!

Honey Bee Sensory Play


Our honey bees were really loved when they were added into a themed sensory bin.  I poured in a bag of dried split peas, a few fake flower petals, and a handful of plastic flower beads for fun sensory exploration.  A sensory bin is such a great way to explore different textures, manipulate small objects, and develop language with little ones.  My kids loved using the honey bees to pinch the flower petals and buzzzzz around, only to drop the petal back into the bin.  This sensory bin stayed out in our dining room for a few days and was played with quite often!

Honey Bee Treat

We had such a great time watching The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh and then playing all of our honey bee games and activities, that we worked up an appetite.  I threw together a quick bee hive snack made from a marshmallow and melted butterscotch chips.  This was the perfect ending to a fun day.  If you are planning a Winnie The Pooh party or movie play date, I hope you will use some of our ideas!  

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Disney and Blueprint Social.  All opinions and content are exclusively by Sugar Aunts.

Small World Fairy Neighborhood Sandbox Play

We made these sweet little fairy houses at Big Sister’s Tinkerbell Fairy Birthday party.  You can read the post and all of the party details here.  The fairy houses have been decorating our porch table since the party and involved in lots of pretend play activities.

Big Sister had the fairy houses in the sandbox one afternoon while the younger kids napped.  She had her La La Loopsy dolls all set up with a neighborhood and all kinds of fun going on.

I added a few stones for sidewalks and Big Sister thought we needed more decorations added. 
We pulled a few potted plants from the porch and made our little fairy neighborhood quite pretty!

Balls in the Baby Pool

We’ve been loving these last days of summer before the school starts up again.  One super nice and sunny day, we had the baby pool out and added a colorful twist…all kinds and shapes, and colors of different balls.

Baby Pool with Balls

We threw in ball pit balls, ping pong balls, whiffle balls, and every other kind we could find.  This was such a fun way to play in the pool.  Everyone had fun throwing them in and out of the baby pool and grabbing at the different colors. 
We had all preschool-aged and toddlers at our house today, but, this would be great for sitting babies too!  The eye-hand coordination and visual tracking skills really develop with this one.  They can visually track the different colored balls as they scoot around in the water and grasp at them.  We had so much fun with this. Let us know if you try this activity, we would love to hear how it goes in your house!
Try putting something different in your baby pool while the weather is still warm, or pin it for next summer 🙂
Looking for more eye-hand coordination activities?  Try one of these:

Clay Nature Art Sculptures

We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather and having TONS of outside play.  We’ll hang out in our back yard and get into all kinds of ball throwing, tree climbing, water playing fun.  One morning we pulled out some lumps of clay.  They were combined into pretty swirls of colors.  Ad a few leaves and sticks and we had

Nature Art Sculptures from Clay!

This clay is reeeeally hard, so we put it into a bin of water and pressed and pulled the clay until it became softer.  The warm sun didn’t hurt either.  What better fine motor strengthening play than messing with clay!
The sticks and colorful leaves
(HOW are the leaves falling already!?!)
made pretty little sculptures  for our driveway.
Pushing those sticks into the hard, resistive clay was great fine motor dexterity work, including tripod grasp for the smaller trigs, and tip to tip grasp to push the leaf stems into the clay lump.
These lumps of clay turned into something else not long after our sculpture fun…wait until you see what happened next 😉
Looking for more ways to work on tripod grasp?  Start here:

Messy Sensory Play for Kids

Messy and Sensory Play for Kids!
We love getting messy with sensory play with our kids.  There is so much learning.  And fun to be had!  We’ve featured sensory play before and we just couldn’t help doing it again!  These features are a great way to explore colors and textures with a lot of learning mixed in.  Wouldn’t it be an AWESOME line up for a messy play date?  Stop by and check out what these bloggers did to get messy.  You’ve got all the recipes right here!

Radioactive Slime by Adventures At Home With Mum
Fine Motor Colour Fun by Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Mixing Colors By Hand by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
Compare and Contrast Soap Experiment  by Kids Activities Blog

Cloud Dough Recipe by Our Three Peas

Frozen Watercolours by Munchkin and Bean

Cornflour Slime by Learn With Play at Home

Painting With Kitchen Scrubbers by Laughing Kids Learn


Color Matching Lego Matching

 Legos and Play Dough to Match Colors

This was a super easy and very fun fine motor activity we did one day.  Perfect for the littlest ones who find dinner-prep time is time for Mom to hold her while sautéing chicken
…cough, Baby Girl, cough…
Pull out one color of play dough and one matching color of Legos.  Baby Girl loves her mega blocks and we play with them daily.  This was perfect for her because she could press the blocks into the dough and see an imprint of squares and circles.  Great for language development, as well as color identification. 
She liked that she could press the little circle “buttons” (and this works those little muscles of the hand and index isolation). 

We’ll be pulling out the play dough and Lego blocks again, for sure!

Window No-Mess Sensory Spelling

No-Mess Sensory Spelling:

 We’ve done the no-mess window painting a few times before (Seek-and-find, and Colored gel mixing to name a couple) and had a lot of fun with it.  This time we added a spelling component to add a few Kindergarten sight words to the fun.
This is so easy and Big Sister had fun moving the letters around in the paint to work on some fine motor skills, too.
Pour a little bit of paint into a sandwich baggie.  Add a few foam letters.  Seal the baggie closed.  Tape it to a window and start to play!  We had a really rainy day recently and this was a fun indoor learning activity.  (You can see the raindrops on the picture!)

Fine Motor Letter Learning

Moving the foam letters around in the baggie is resistive and a really great fine motor strengthening activity to work the fingers.  The child is able to isolate her index finger to move the letters around. 
Add a few extra letters to work on rhyming words.  This is also great for just placing right on the table surface and better for smaller kids that way, too.  Littler ones can just move the letters around and address letter identification and colors.