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DIY Chalkboard

We are so excited to have Theresa joining us today from A Mom In The Making!  We love this post she put together for us, and you will want to see more from her! Check out her links in the bio below so you can follow Theresa.

Everyone is into chalkboards! 
They are cute, adorable... and a little bit unaffordable to buy as party favors...

I wanted to capture the fun of having individual chalkboards without breaking the bank. While cruising through the dollar store looking for a solution to my problem, I stumbled upon the most adorable paper plates. I had to have them. A few minutes later it dawned upon me. This was the solution to my chalkboard problem.

These paper plates made the perfect frame. All I needed to do was paint the center with chalkboard paint.

Although Pinterest has tons of options for DIY chalkboard paint... I was pressed for time so I chose the traditional route and just bought the paint from Lowes. About $10.00 for a pint, not great... but you can make a lot of DIY chalkboards with this.

At home I laid the paper plates out on the table and painted them with a foam brush. I let them dry and added a second coat. This just make the paint thicker so that you can actually erase and reuse the chalkboard.

I let them dry overnight and suddenly I had the perfect party favor chalkboards... for about 10 cents each!

What is your favorite chalkboard paint project? I am looking for ideas for the rest of my paint!

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