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Packing for a Beach Vacation With a Baby

Today we are very excited to have Nicole from Simply Living Life here to guest post for us.  You can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

Beach and A Baby... Could I have packed anymore?
Recently my family and I went on nice little family vacation to Myrtle Beach. First time in 17 years my parents have been on vacation, for very unselfish reasons, but that's saved for my next post. And for myself and the OH, this was the first vacation with our almost nine month old, Giuliana. Great idea we thought! Until I, the "simply living mama" packs. When it comes to packing regardless of a child in tow or not, I am not SIMPLE. I just can't seem to help myself. I literally pack everything, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Anyone who has ever been on trip with me, either in the states, out of the country, or even for a weekend getaway, thinks I am completely nuts. Could I be a secret vacation packer hoarder? Is there such a thing? Anyway, you get the point, I am the person who gets charged the over baggage fees. So, when I started preparing for this trip, I started packing at least 2 weeks before. I am proud of myself that I have actually become a little more organized since having this tiny human. They keep you on your toes, for fear that you will forget some of the most important things that they need to survive. In this "organization epiphany" that I had, I did the thing I was good at doing, making a checklist. BUT, then did the thing that I am even better at doing, NOT following the checklist. Hence, the OVERpacking, and the need for a trailer to hitch on the back of my sisters SUV. Here are some of the things that I strongly suggest you do, and take with you for you tiny human(s). Besides the usual of clothes, diapers, sunscreen, (lots of it) rash guards, hats, and swimmer diapers, these are the larger items that will help save your vacation!   How well does your child sleep? If they sleep really well, and can go all day being in car, stuck in a car seat, your blessed. If not, drive at night as much as you can. Giuliana was an angel, thank god, but I can't imagine any kid stuck in a seat for that long and not get cranky! We had to upgrade the car seat and get a bigger one for her last month, and I am glad we did. More comfort, and room. If you are looking for a good car seat, we have the Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat

Please remember that we are not young and free anymore :) We are mamas, and we have to learn to be flexible, even at the beach. What I mean is, realize that no matter how excited you are for your kiddo to see the beach for the first time, they more an likely be there for 50 seconds, and want to leave. So, no laying out today I guess :( Awe, maybe tomorrow! But, if you lucky, and they want to stay longer, get a tent. A good one with a strong SPF protector. We have the ABO Gear Sunmate Shelter. It is easy to set up; offers SPF 50 UV protection, has open front and 3 vent screens, ground stakes and sand pockets, and is totally easy to pack away! ( please don't mind my sleeping child and the mess that surrounds her)

Is your kiddo on a schedule that they follow pretty consistently? Since you are away, in a strange place, your child will probably have a little breakdown the first night. So, make sure to bring something that makes them feel like they are at home. We brought her Graco Travel Lite Crib with us. Since she is to big to sleep in it, she plays in it, and keeps her happy, oh and in "baby jail" since she crawls!

Worried about how to bathe your little one while there? Well, no worries! Don't take that big old bathtub with you, go buy an inflatable pool or raft, and give them tubby time in it! They love it! Still a bath, just in a way funner tub!! And, you can deflate it on the way home, or just throw it out!

Naked baby Tubby Time in the blow up float!  

And, one of the last "big" items that I suggest you bring, is a KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat. This is a life saver, anywhere you go, not just the beach! I can't tell you how many people have wanted mine, or went and bought one after they saw it. Instead of bringing that big old jumperoo that they love so much, this will keep them still in one spot, and they can act like they are jumping! Check it out! It is a must!   Last, but not least, have fun! Vacations are such a beautiful time for family memories, especially with a little one, no matter how cranky they can be! Enjoy my friends!!!

    Cheers! Nicole