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Tinkerbell Fairy Birthday Party details

We shared a sneak peek on our Facebook page, hinting at the details from Big Sister's Tinkerbell fairy party.  She turned 6 and together we had so much fun planning and making décor for this party.  It was actually a joint party with her brother, who turned 4 this month.  We combined Tinkerbell and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...I think my kids like to challenge me on the combo parties!

Check out the party details below, and watch for a Ninja Turtle post to come, soon :)

We made coffee filter butterflies here (using a straw to pipet watercolors onto coffee filters!), and strung them in the light fixture using fishing line.  Raiding dad's tackle box was a fun adventure one afternoon ;)

Chocolate covered Oreos with Key Lime Pie melts from Joanne's.  This combo was really good!  They may not be the prettiest chocolate, but with those Joanne coupons, you can't beat it! 

Finger food even a fairy would love!

Another Joanne's coupon deal: Little fairy houses for each party go-er to decorate.  We had a goopy, glittery, sticky house for lots of little fairies! (Or birdhouses for a certain little nephew...) :)

I LOVE the concentration going on here!

We painted a big sheet of cardboard and hung it to our outdoor play house.  This was a fun afternoon in the week leading up to party day!  Big Sister really got into this one.

We had a great celebration of Big Sister's birthday with family and friends.
Happy Birthday to my sweet, smart, kind, sensitive, silly girl!

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