Paper Roll Apple Stamps

We made this apple stamping art last week with one of our favorite things to recycle…Paper rolls! (we used a toilet paper roll but a paper towel roll would work too.)

Mom bent the cardboard tube just a little into a heart-ish shape.
Big Sister got busy stamping!  She covered her page with little red apples.
She painted little green leaves on the apples…
…and then drew stems on each apple with a brown marker.
This was such an easy and fun little project to do.  Let us know if you make apple stamps!

100+ Fall Fine Motor Activities

Looking at the links from last week’s party, it was clear we had to go with our favorite way to play…working on Fine Motor skills.  We went with a Fall theme this week, and WOW, were there a ton of fun and creative fall themed fine motor activities to choose from!  You guys are seriously talented and creative!  Check out the features below for tons of fall inspiration and ways to incorporate fine motor skills into play.

Fall Themed Sensory Bins:
Kids love to play with sensory bins! Not only do they get to explore textures, scents, colors, and all of the senses, but they get to work those little muscles in their hands as they explore and manipulate objects of different sizes and shapes.  These sensory bins are sure to get you in the mood for fall!

Water Beads Apples Sensory Bin by Little Bins for Little Hands
Sweet Potato Ooey Gooey Goop for Fall by Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Witches Brew Sensory Bin by Plain Vanilla Mom

Fall Sink or Float Fun by B-Inspired Mama
Alphabet Scavenger Hunt by Munchkin and Bean
Fall Sensory Bins by The Jenny Evolution
30+ Apple Sensory Tubs by Living Montessori Now

Fall Themed Water Table by Sugar Aunts

Pumpkin Sensory Bin by Sugar Aunts

Fall Themed Fine Motor Manipulation Activities:
From pinching, to cutting, to tip to tip finger grasp…to finger isolation and whole hand grasp; these activities will allow the child to develop the small muscles of their hands and prepare them for tasks like coloring, handwriting, cutting, clothing management and so much more!
Thumbtacked Pumpkins by Simple Fun For Kids
Fall Colour Apple Stamping by Happy Hooligans
25 Fall Invitations to Play by My Nearest and Dearest
Fall Nature Adventure by Sugar Aunts
Fall Themed Crafts:
These activities will encourage fine motor dexterity with lacing, pinching, pencil grasp, and more…all with a super cute craft to display!
Preschooler Scarecrow Craft by There’s Just One Mommy
Stuffed Paper Apples by Buggy and Buddy
10 Unique Fall Crafts by Buggy and Buddy
Human Skeleton Craft by Adventures At Home with Mum
Tissue Paper Art Apple Tree by Fantastic Fun and Learning
A Collection of Preschool Activities by Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds 
Fall Themed Play Dough: 
Pinching, rolling, smashing, poking…play dough and clay are the ultimate fine motor strengthening medium!  We love all of these fall themed dough and clay activities…perfect for the season!
Play Dough Apple Orchard by Plain Vanilla Mom
Apple Pie Play Dough by Where Imagination Grows
Fall Tree Clay Leaves by Simple Fun For Kids
Play Dough and Fall Wildflowers by My Nearest and Dearest

Simple Stamp Art 4 Ideas

The kids asked if we could play with stamps one afternoon.  So, I pulled out our bin of stamps and a few extra things plus our ink pads and we made some stampy art!

Stamp Art For Kids

We used clothes pins to stamp little pieces of sponges to make squares and rectangle shapes.  This was a great way to combine fine motor strengthening into our creative project.
We used some slices of pool noodle to make some pretty circle art.  We liked seeing the texture of the pool noodle pressed onto the paper.
We used foam letters to stamp letters on paper.  Little Guy thought this was hilarious!
And we used our regular stamps on coffee filters.  Then we dipped a paint brush into water and brushed the stamps with water.  It was pretty neat to watch the stamp shape spread on the coffee filter.
This was such an easy and simple way to play and create art!

Autumn Baby Sensory Table

Try this toddler- friendly tactile sensory play using a train table surface, perfect for encouraging gross motor skills, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, and more!

We had a couple of nephews over this weekend for a cousin sleep over.  While the big kids were off playing, the littlest and I had some fun with some autumn sensory play.

I pulled out a bunch of fabrics scraps and felt leaves and scattered them all over our train table.  This was the perfect height for this little guy who is just standing and beginning to cruise along furniture.

He loved scattering the leaves all over the table, picking them up one by one, and dropping them on the floor.  Then picking them up  and putting them on the table again!  The bright colors really grabbed his attention. 

Why is this such a great activity for babies and young toddlers?  The varied textures of different fabrics are neat for them to explore with their hands (just watch those mouths so felt leaves don’t end up in there!)   They are able to see what happens when the drop the leaves and can do it over and over again from the low surface.  Babies love the drop and pick up game!  This was a great fine motor activity and eye hand coordination task for this little guy.  He could work on grabbing at the thin fabric of the leaves and picking up the leaf after it was on the ground.  Plus, it was something new and fun!

Fall Themed Water Table

Fall Themed Water Table
We went on a Nature Hunt and found a whole basket of pine cones, acorns, and colorful leaves.  Little Guy said, “Mom, that looks Nature-y!”
We had some warm weather recently and decided to inspect our nature hunt finds in a fun way…with

Nature in the Water Table!

Fall Themed Water Table
Little Guy filled the water table with the hose
(his favorite job…using the hose!)
 And Mom pulled out a few scoops and the magnifying glass.
Fall Themed Water Table
Little Guy had fun inspecting the Nature, scooping things up, and making discoveries…
“I didn’t know this stuff could FLOAT!!”
Baby Girl enjoyed her nap.  But, when she did wake up, she had a BLAST getting completely soaked. 

Fall Nature Play Dough Press

We pulled out our fall bin from the attic and had some fun with Indian corn, fake mums, and autumn leaves.
We had fun one day playing with play dough and pressing different fall items into play dough to see what the impressions looked like!

Fall Play Dough Press
We rolled corn in play dough, pressed fake flowers into the dough, and even pumpkins and stalks of wheat.
It was fun to press the items in the dough and then ask each other what they thought made the impression.
Big Sister tried her hand at floral arrangement, too by sticking things into dough in a clay pot 🙂
Have you decorated yet for fall?
Our bin from the attic is still waiting, mostly full until we find homes for everything 🙂

Visual Contrast Sensory Letter Writing

We practiced writing letters in coffee grounds one morning after Mom cleaned out a cupboard.  Why did I buy Instant Decaf? YUCK! So, before we tossed them, we had to play with them.  Of course 😉

Visual Contrast Letter Writing

I poured the coffee grounds onto a white cutting board for maximum contrast and had Big Sister practice some lower case letters.  She loved this!  The black on white let the letters really show.  She felt so special doing this activity because she could play with coffee!

Sensory Letter Writing

We practiced the letters that are easy to reverse (b, d, p, g, d) and a few words that she knows how to spell.  She stood at the kitchen counter for a while making letters. 

Little Guy had to get in on the action and make some shapes, too. 

A great multi-sensory input way to practice letters!

Play and Learn with Apple Activities

Happy Share It Saturday! 
It’s that time of year when we just want to go to the apple orchard…
…or pick up a 3 pound bag of apples at the grocery store 🙂
Apple crisp, apple painting, apple pie, apple cider…We love fall and all things apples!
Our round-up today on Share It Saturday features activities, play, crafts, learning, and cooking all with an apple theme.  Perfect for this time of year!
We’re ready to try some of the activities shared this week and enjoy the season of apples!

Apple Crafts and Activities

30+ Apple Activities by Reading Confetti
Apple Scented Dough by Munchkin and Bean
Apple School Day and Teacher Gifts by 3 Boys and a Dog
Apple Magnet Play by Sugar Aunts

Learning with Apples

A {Sticky} Apple Tree for Color Matching Fun by And Next Comes L at B-Inspired Mama
Fill The Bushel Spelling/Sight Word Game by Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational
Counting and Sorting Apples on the Light Table by And Next Comes L
Apples, Apples Color Chant and Printable by School Time Snippets
Learning Apples, Red by Sugar Aunts

Apple Cooking With Kids