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Recycled Materials Crafts and Activities for Kids

We LOVE to create developmental and learning opportunities for our kids.  There is no better way to learn and play at home than at home with simple activities.  we've created a list of all of our posts dedicated to developmental and learning crafts and activities for kids using recycled materials.  If you're creating fun activities for the kids at home, why not use free items you've already got on hand.  And, what better to use than recycled materials? 

Check out the past posts listed below to find tons of creative and fun ways to learn and play with recycled materials:
Kids will love these simple developmental and learning crafts and activities made with recycled materials

How to learn and play with recycled materials:

Egg carton crafts and activities for kids:

Flower feather craft~ fine motor skills, direction following, multi-step feather art
Recycled art flower craft~ using old art projects to create new art
Spring tulip craft with recycled egg cartons~ tripod grasp, multi-step direction following
Snowman math activity~ fine motor pincer/tripod grasp while working on math skills
Painted rainbow recycled egg cartons
Fine motor egg carton Christmas tree~ tripod grasp to thread a Christmas tree from egg cartons

Cardboard tube crafts and activities for kids:

Spring chick juice box cover~ tip to tip grasp, multi-textural craft for Spring
Rainbow recycled cardboard tube craft~ fine motor skills, imagination, pretend play, language skills
Rainbow binoculars~ imagination, pretend play, fine motor skills
Cardboard tube turkey napkin ring~ fine motor work
Recycled cardboard tube turkey juice box cover~ tripod grasp, multi-step craft
Cardboard tube stamp painting~ gross grasp, multi-sensorial
Recycled paper roll turkey stamp craft~gross grasp, multi-sensorial art
Recycled cardboard tube pumpkin stamps~ gross grasp, multi-sensorial art
Cardboard tube apple stamps~ gross grasp, multi-sensorial art
Dream catcher~ multi-step direction following, language development, fine motor skills

Plastic container activities for kids:

Fine motor color sorting activity with recycled grated cheese container~ tripod grasp, color, pattern, and sorting learning skills. This is a great early math activity!
In-hand manipulation activities ~uses a grated cheese container and a recycled two liter drink container to develop in-hand manipulation and translation skills.
Play dough cupcakes ~using a recycled cupcake container with strengthening and fine motor  development.
Outdoor snow restaurant activity with recycled containers~ imagination, pretend play, language skill development
Fine motor play with plastic bottle and crafting poms~ tripod grasp, color, sorting, and pattern learning
Recycled milk container ghost catch game~ gross motor, eye-hand coordination, and visual motor catch game
Plastic bottle and tissue paper fine motor play~ tripod grasp, auditory processing activity with colors
Fine motor sensory water play with recycled water bottles~ color learning in a multi-sensorial activity with fine motor (tripod grasp) components
I Spy sight word sensory bottle~ visual scanning activity to work on language. This is a great eye-hand and visual-motor activity!
Fine motor tripod grasp activity~ Tripod grasp and in-hand manipulation skills with a grated cheese container
Recycled plastic water bottle pipe cleaner fine motor activity~ Tripod grasp, fine motor skill development with an auditory component...all while working on colors.

Styrofoam activities for kids:

DIY shape stamps with recycled Styrofoam~ shapes, counting, gross grasp, mulit-sensorial art creation
Penguin math activity~ Math activity while working on visual scanning, tracking, and eye-hand coordination skills.
Fine motor tripod grasp activity with Styrofoam~ tripod grasp with colors for learning, patterns, and sorting
DIY lacing cards from recycled carry out containers~tripod grasp, eye-hand coordination, bilateral hand coordination, crossing mid-line, visual motor skills


Bubble wrap activities for kids:

Finger dexterity game with recycled bubble wrap~ fine motor skills to strengthen thenar muscles of the thumb with visual scanning, tracking, crossing midline
Sensory paint play with recycled bubble wrap~ multi-sensorial play with language development, color learning, and fine motor skill play
Mess-free bubble wrap painting~ tripod grasp, tip-to-tip grasp, and index finger isolation work with a sensorial experience
Fine motor and auditory bubble wrap activity~ color learning, visual tracking and scanning, eye-hand coordination with an auditory component.

Shredded paper crafts and activities for kids:

Sight word sensory bin with shredded paper~ sensorial play while learning and identifying sight words, visual scanning activity
Shredded paper snowy farm sensory bin~ language, imagination, pretend play
Valentine's Day shredded paper sensory bin~ sensorial play with colors, fine motor work with tools, imagination, and pretend play

Cardboard crafts and activities for kids:

Small world activity with a cardboard box~ imagination, pretend play, language development
Valentine's day door banner craft~ mulit-step direction following with fine motor work
Fine motor with pipe cleaners and a cardboard box~ tripod grasp, eye-hand coordination, tip-to tip- grasp
Cardboard box golf tee hammering~ eye hand coordination, tool use, strengthening, letter learning, visual scanning, visual motor activity
Cereal box fine motor coordination~ tripod grasp, visual motor play
Pretend play pizza shop~ imagination, pretend play, language development
How to create a craft bin from recycled materials~ process art with imagination
recycle bin flower craft~ fine motor development
DIY cardboard toy box~ multi-step direction following


Bottle cap crafts and activities for kids:

Christmas stamps with recycled bottle caps~ fine motor development
Recycled bottle cap sight word stamps~ sight word learning, visual scanning, matching
Letter learning with recycled bottle caps~ letter learning, visual scanning, matching

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