Super Fun Fine Motor Sight Word Game

Today, I’d love to share a sight word reading and writing activity with you. Young readers and writers need lots and lots of practice reading and writing sight words. This quick and easy activity fits the bill. Add a fine motor component to boost the skills that kids need for pencil grasp and other skills, including the bilateral coordination component, visual motor skill work, and fine motor strengthening!

Sight Word Game

Use this sight word game to work on learning sight words and teaching sight words with hands on practice and fine motor work.

Sight Word Activity: Roll, Pop and Pull


Here is what you will need:

  • muffin tin

  • 6 toilet paper rolls

  • scissors

  • assorted colors of tissue paper

  • 12 rubber bands

  • black marker

  • 12 small strips of paper

  • writing paper and a pencil/pen

  • die

  • tweezers


1. Cut each of the toilet paper rolls into two pieces so that you have a total of twelve pieces.

Kids will love this fine motor activity that can teach sight words in this pop, roll, pull sight word game for kids.

2. Cover the top of each toilet paper roll with tissue paper and secure with a rubber band. On top of each structure write a number. Use each number (1-6) two times.
3. On the 12 strips of paper, write sight words that your child needs to practice reading and writing. Stuff each roll with a sight word strip of paper and place them all in the muffin tin.
4. Gather your die, tweezers, writing paper and writing utensil.

Play and learn sight words with a sight word game!

Work on fine motor skills and learning sight words with this fun sight word game that can be used to practice sight words or learn new sight words.

To play, the child rolls the die. Then with their finger or the tweezers they pop the circle with the corresponding number. Remove the sight word with the tweezers. This makes for great fine motor skill practice!

This fun sight word game improves fine motor skills and other skills needed for writing and handwriting like eye hand coordination and visual motor skills as well as works as a tool for teaching sight words with a fun sight word game!

The child should read the word and then write the word the number of times that corresponds to their roll. Play continues until all circles have been popped.

There you have a fun and easy sight word game to practice reading and writing skills!

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What other hands-on ideas do you have for practicing sight words?

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Shape Matching Busy Bag Activity

I have been trying to think of activities to keep my 3-year-old son busy lately. He is a busy little guy and always wants to be involved in what we are doing in our homeschool. I typically have little busy-bag activities for him to do and needed to add in some new ones. We have lots of pipe cleaners so I decided to make a pipe cleaner shape matching activity. I created some simple pictures for him to use to create shapes with pipe cleaners or yarn. You could really do this with any shapes, but I thought it would be fun to make it a more creative picture with nature scenes.

pipe cleaner shape matching
pipe cleaner busy bag
I made several different printable pages that can be used in a busy bag or just for anytime. See below to download a free copy of these activities.
shape matching busy bag
We tried doing the activities with yarn as well and it is a little easier to shape them for younger kids.
Download and print a free copy of the Pipe Cleaner Shapes- Busy Bag from Teach Beside Me! There are 6 different designs to use.

A HUGE thank you to our friend Karyn at Teach Beside Me for guest posting today!  We are big fans of Karyn and her blog, and are SO happy to have her sharing with us.

I am so happy to have the chance to guest post on the Sugar Aunts today. They were kind enough to guest post for me when I had my baby and I wanted to return the favor! My name is Karyn and I blog over at Teach Beside Me . I am a homeschool mom of 4 kids and love to blog about hands-on learning, home education, and play over at my site. 

The Mixed-Up Chameleon Snack Mix

We have been loving this Preschool Book Club Series!  This week’s book is The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle and one of our favorites.  We decided to make a mixed up snack mix to go along with the story.  And what a fun time this was! 

Mixed-Up Chameleon Snack

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Have you read The Mixed-Up Chameleon
by Eric Carle?   We love this story, just like we love all of Eric Carle books.  This was a great book to read with a little snack.   First, we needed to do a little cooking with the kids.
 Our snack mix used all of the colors for the different animals in the book.  As the chameleon decides he wants to be a different animal, we added the ingredient to go along with that animal, and mixed it up, of course…with a mixing spoon!

In the book, first the Chameleon wants to be like the Polar Bear.  We added coconut flakes to our bowl to represent the polar bear’s fur.  Not a fan of coconut?  Try marshmallows.

Next the Chameleon wants to be like the Flamingo.  We added pink sprinkles.  Because sprinkles make everyone happy 🙂

Mix it up!

Next the Chameleon wants to be like the Fox, so we added red M&Ms.

Goldfish crackers are for the goldfish, of course.

When the Chameleon wanted to be like the Deer, we added pretzels for antlers.

For the Giraffe’s long neck, we used our imagination and added pretzel sticks to the snack mix.

Green Fruit Loops represented the Turtle in the book.

Next, the Chameleon wants to be like the Elephant and again we used our imagination to use dried banana chips for elephant ears.  It was a little stretch, but worked for us.  And was a tasty addition to our snack mix!

The Chameleon decides he wants to be like the seal and at that point, we added raisins to represent the seal’s flippers.

The final addition to our snack mix was the umbrellas for the people. 

The snack mix was stirred up and all done!  Ready to eat, while we read the book.  Again!

Have fun with your snack mix and the Mixed-Up Chameleon!
Get the book here:

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Books About Siblings

Have a new baby in the house? Maybe you are preparing for the newest little one to add to the family fun in the house. A new baby can make for a big change in any home! Use these books about siblings to help big brothers and big sisters adapt to the change that a new baby brings.

Books for New Siblings

We’ve got a 6 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old, and are waiting on the newest little one to join us.  I’m hearing daily from the ladies in the grocery store/preschool/doctor’s office how full my hands are 😉  Oh yes. This I know!  But as full as my hands (and laundry baskets, to-do lists, and grocery carts…) are, my heart is fuller.  I am so blessed to have these three and soon-to-be FOUR little handfuls. 

Watching them play is so much fun.  These kiddos have got the sibling thing down…there are collaborations on very imaginative scenarios that happen daily.  They are building forts outside, getting muddy and grass stained together, and building memories.  Of course they fight with each other.  I mean, they are siblings.  There are fights and tormenting happening daily!  It’s all part of the family thing.

One thing that we love to do as a family is visit our local library.  We LOVE our librarians in the children’s department and bring home a big old stack of books each week.  Lately, we’ve been pulling books from the shelf with a similar theme…Brothers and Sisters!  With the new coming baby, what better topic is there to read than brother and sister books? 

These are our favorite Sibling Books that we’ve been reading over and over lately.   Some, we have, and others we’ve checked out from the library.  All are awesome for introducing a new baby to the family, or just celebrating brothers and sisters!

{This post contains affiliate links.  In other words, this blog will receive monetary compensation when any purchases are made through the links in this post.  Our opinions and ideas are in no way affected.  You can read our full disclosure policy here.  As always, we thank you for your support and community here at Sugar Aunts}

Books about brothers and sisters

Big Sisters Are the Best
by Fran Manushkin
I’m a Big Sister!
Ronne Randall 


Big Sister and Little Sister
by Charlotte Zolotow
What Brothers Do Best
by Laura Numeroff
Just Me and My Little Brother  by
Mercer Mayer   
Best-Ever Big Brother
by Karen Katz
Best-Ever Big Sister
by Karen Katz

Do you have any favorite books about brothers and sisters?

Little Blue and Little Yellow Activity

Check out this Little Blue and Little Yellow activity to work on color mixing and sensory play with a children’s book favorite! We whipped up a batch of Kool-Aid puffy paint for a sensory play experience that has a scented aspect. Kids will love this color mixing activity, and will be sure to remember it for years to come!
Last week’s Pete the Cat snack and our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Letter Learning Activity have been a huge hits in our house.  these are some of our most favorite and read (and re-read) books, so this preschool book club series has been a blast!
This week we’re loving another favorite book of ours with Little Blue and Little Yellow.  We made Kool-Aid Puffy Paint to create our own version of color mixing to go along with the book.  This was beyond cool and so much fun to create.

Little Blue and Little Yellow Painting activity

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We LOVE the book Little Blue and Little Yellow, by Leo Lionni.  When we saw this book on the series, I knew we had to do some color mixing.  This Kool-Aid paint recipe smelled so good and the creating mixtures of blue and yellow was a ton of fun.

DIY Puffy Paint Recipe

To make the BLUE paint, I mixed 1/4 cup of flour, one packet of Ice blue raspberry lemonade Kool-Aid, and 4 Tbsp of warm water.

The YELLOW paint was the same recipe, only using a packet of
lemonade flavored Kool-Aid.  Mix the paints up until it’s a smooth consistency and painting is ready to begin!

We made a little blue and a little yellow spot of paint and the kids guessed what color they thought we would get when they mixed.  Little Guy liked to add little bits of color at a time just like in the book to mix into green.

These paints were very sensory!  The texture and scent were such a fun painting experience.

The paints made a pretty green color.

After we mixed a bit of the blue and yellow together, I put the paintings into the microwave for 30 seconds.  These paints puffed right up.  Your microwave oven may vary, so keep a close eye on this while the paints are cooking!

We had to do a bunch more of these.  Baby Girl loves her painting activities!

These puffy paints were very fun.  We painted for a while making puffy blue and yellow mixtures.  And loved the scents!

Kool-Aid puffy paint recipe

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Children’s Book Quotes for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Wishing all of the moms a wonderful day full of snuggles and love!  This mama is celebrating with three blessings and (still) waiting on number four to make her presence.  Only five days late now!  I’m guessing she can hear all of the crazy chaos happening out here and is staying nice and safe and cozy inside mommy’s belly until she is forced to make her way out! 

Mother’s Day with little ones is about the giggles and wiggles, the reading of a favorite book 5,245 times, watching T-ball games in the rain, hearing “Happy Mother’s Day to Yoooooooou, CHA CHA CHA!” 17 times in a row, and using the Hello Kitty shampoo/conditioner/body wash because someone dumped all of Mom’s shampoo down the bathtub drain.  All of these things happened this weekend, and it was wonderful!  I wouldn’t change a thing!

We’ve got a few quotes from favorite children’s books that are perfect for Mom’s.  I hope you are having a fantastic Mother’s Day, and enjoy!

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On the night you were born quote

“Life will never be the same because there had never been anyone like you.”
From the book On the Night You Were Born
by Nancy Tillman

“I love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”
From the book Love You Forever
by Robert Munsch

“We’ll eat you up, we love you so.”
From the book Where the Wild Things Are
by Maurice Sendak

You Are My I Love You quote.

“I am your parent, you are my child. I am your quiet place, you are my wild. I am your calm face, you are my giggle…I am your lullaby, you are my peek-a-boo.  I am your kiss goodnight, you are my I love you.” 
From the book, You Are My I Love You
by Maryann K Cusimano

“If There Ever Comes a Day We Can’t Be Together…
…keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”

From The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh
by A.A. Milne.

Guess How Much I Love You quote

 “I love you right up to the moon and back.”
From the book Guess How Much I Love You
by Sam McBratney
“If You Love to be A Hundred, I Want to Live to be A Hundred Minus One Day So I Never Have to Live Without You.”

"I love you through and through. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow too." quote

I love you through and through, yesterday, today, and tomorrow too.”
From the Book I Love You Through And Through
by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

Childrens' Books for Mother's Day

Get the books here:

25 Creative Ways to Paint Ideas for Kids

We LOVE paint in this house.  Actually, all of the cousins are huge fans of painting and so this week’s features from Share It Saturday focus on all things painting!  There are so many fun ways to explore color, texture, and creativity through paints listed here. We can not wait to try them ALL!   There is just something about painting that is relaxing and satisfying…

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