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Sensory Bin Base Ideas

We are so honored to bless our friend Heather at Crayon Box Chronicles with this round up of sensory materials.  Heather is the strong mama of baby Savannah Hope who is fighting for her life.  Baby Savannah was diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and is currently very medically unstable  and fighting hard.  People all over the world are praying hard for this sweet little baby, her family, and her doctors and nurses.  Follow along with Savannah Hope's fight on the Prayers for Savannah Hope facebook community. 
The HOP for HOPE blog hop is a group of blogger friends who are raising awareness and sending up prayers of hope for this sweet family.  We're sharing the blog love for our friend Heather during this hard time.  Stop by the Hop for Hope page on Lemon Lime Adventures to find links to all of the bloggers joining in and sharing our favorite Crayon Box Chronicles posts.
 Please consider making a donation to Savannah Hope and her family via her fundraising page.
If you read our blog or peruse Crayon Box Chronicles, you'll see that we are both huge fans of sensory play.  Sensory bins are such a fun way for kids to explore textures and the senses while learning about the world and themselves.  Sensory bins can be tailored to any learning theme and are just fun for exploration. 
We wanted to put together a collection of sensory bin base ideas.  These are the materials that you start your sensory bin with.  Add letters, numbers, animals, sight words...the possibilities for sensory play is endless!
Add to these base materials for sensory bin play.

Sensory Bin Base Ideas

Add colored noodles to a bin and add cups, spoons, funnels, and more for fine motor play.  Crayon Box Chronicles made this concept sensory bin in their dyed noodles sensory bin.

Shredded paper makes a great sensory base.  Save the junk mail and send it through the shredder to make a shredded paper reptile sensory bin from Crayon Box Chronicles.

Something as simple as rocks can make a great base for a sensory bin.  We make this rock sensory bin and explored the senses.
Explore letters in like in this rock letter sensory bin.

The dollar store has a vast amount of ways to incorporate learning into sensory bins.  Crayon Box Chronicles made this colored hay sensory bin.  How fun!

Colored water is an easy way to create a sensory bin.  We made this dyed water swamp sensory bin and explored colors, animals, and more in a swamp theme.

Have you ever made snow dough?  Seriously the coolest stuff!  This snow dough Arctic Circle sensory bin is one of my favorites from Crayon Box Chronicles .

It doesn't take much to make a sensory bin.  This letter sensory bin required nothing other than the letters for learning and play.

Dirt makes a great sensory bin base.  How many ways can you think of to play?  I love what Crayon Box Chronicles did with their dirt monster truck sensory bin.

Many sensory bin bases can be found in your pantry.  We used split peas as the base in our split pea sensory bin.

Sand is one way to create a simple sensory bin.  A few ingredients is all it takes to make the sand into sand dough link in this sand dough beach sensory bin from Crayon Box Chronicles.

Water Beads can be found in the floral section of many stores.  The non-toxic material makes a great base for sensory play.  We had a blast with our waterbead sensory bin.

Jello is such an interesting material to eat...and to play with!  The texture is perfect for sensory exploration.  Crayon Box Chronicles used it to create this jello iceberg sensory bin.

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