Easy Shapes School Bus Craft

An easy school bus craft is just what kids need before back to school, along with a little crafting fun!

I don’t want to even think about the end of summer and the start of school.  The summer fun is quickly passing by with long days of outdoor play and water activities.   We’ve got a few of the cousins heading back to school this fall.  A couple on the school bus and a few that will be starting up preschool for the first time.  New classes, new book bags, and new school shoes happen before the summer fun has even ended.  With all of the newness happening, this mama wanted to touch on an old familiar theme with the start of school quickly approaching.  

This school bus craft was a fun way to create while we explored easy shapes.  This was a great craft for my two year old as we talked about the start of school and some easy shapes.

Kids will love to make this school bus craft as a back to school craft that helps kids learn shapes.

Back to School Craft

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Easy shapes school bus craft

School Bus Craft

We started with a few sheets of yellow construction paper,
black construction paper,
white printer paper.  I cut a few simple shapes from the paper.  An older child who is working on scissor skills could cut these shapes.
Building our school bus was fun!  We moved our shapes around until we liked the bus.  This was fun for Big Sister (age 6) as she helped us build the bus and made sure the windows were where she liked them. 
Baby Girl (age 2 and half) worked on her shape identification with this craft.  Big Sister and I would hold up a shape and ask her what it was.  She was loving the shape test!

We glued the shapes in place on our bus when we got it looking like we wanted.  Big Sister used some scrap paper to draw bus stops for our bus.  I love the “baby stop”!

school bus craft for learning shapes and preparing for back to school

School bus craft and book is great for back to school prep for young kids.

Head to the library and pick up a few of our favorite school bus books to go along with this fun craft: