Fun Frugal Family Friendly Halloween Party Ideas

Fall is in the air and that means Halloween is coming!  Halloween parties happen in preschool, playdates, the library, and even farms.  What better way to bring the whole family together than with a kid-friendly Halloween party? We’ve got tips and ideas for a frugal and fun Halloween party that you can use to play a school or play date party.  

Fun and Frugal Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Ideas:

We’re excited to shop the Dollar Tree Anniversary Celebration and plan our fun and frugal kid-friendly Halloween parties.  We put together a family-friendly ghost game and spider craft using feature products from the celebration that would be a hit at any Halloween party.  

Ghost Catch Game for Kid-Friendly Halloween Party:

Tissue ghost craft for game or decoration this Halloween

Grab a 200-ct. Boxes of Scotties® Facial Tissues, one of the Bonus Buys during Dollar Tree’s Anniversary Celebration.  Pull out a handful of tissues and roll them up into a baseball size ball.  Gather a tissue around the ball and secure with a small rubber band.  Attach another facial tissue to the rubber band to make the ghost’s body.  Use a black marker to draw on a face.  This would be a fun game for preschool or play date parties.  Catch the Ghost, or play Ghost toss (Toss the ghost into a Multi-purpose Baskets or a 5-ct. Packs of Oval Bins–you can get one at the Dollar Tree Anniversary Celebration sale)!!

Spider Craft for Preschool Halloween Party or Play Date:

How to dye pasta for a spider craft. Use dyed noodles for a Halloween spider craft.

We used a handful of noodles from a 24-oz. Bag of Pagasa® Noodles to make these cute spiders.  Toss the elbow pasta in a Hefty® Gallon-Size Zipper Bag with black food coloring and a little squirt of hand sanitizer.  Spread the noodles out on newspaper to dry.  Glue the dyed pasta to a paper around a black circle cut from construction paper.  What a cute craft to send home with the kids!  Keep in mind that once the pasta is used for a craft, it shouldn’t be eaten!

Halloween Pasta Spider Craft

Ghost Cookie Treats

Need a quick and easy kid-friendly Halloween treat?  These Oreo cookie ghost snacks will fit the bill for preschool parties, school-aged parties, or a play date. Any Halloween party would be a little sweeter with these easy ghost cookies!

This was a cute little snack that I threw together one Friday night.  Friday nights in our house don’t mean the same thing they did pre-kids.  Now, we do pizza for dinner, family movie night, hang out with neighbors, and kid stuff.  Oh, how life has changed!  We usually have music going and always, “It won’t be like this for long” playing.  It’s our family theme song right now.  So, while your’e celebrating this season of little kids, make a few ghost cookies.  Or, if your little ones are older and you’ve got big kid ghouls to serve, I’m thinking they would gobble these treats up just as quick!

Oreo ghost cookie snack treats. These would be great for preschool or school parties and Kid-friendly Halloween parties.

Ghost Cookie Halloween Treats

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I started with a package of Oreo cookies.  Twist the tops off.  Eat them.

Of course.

Grab a handful of M&MS minis.  Sort out the brown ones.  Eat the rest.

I mean, mom needs a little sugar too.  To keep up with the kids. Right??!

Next is the fun part:  Assembling the ghost cuties.  I used a vegetable slicer to make a wavy bottom to the ghosts.  Press the vegie slicer onto the white cookie cream and curve it a bit.  Scrape the cookie cream off of the black cookie.  

Eat it.

Notice a theme?

Press the m&ms onto the ghost faces.  I only slightly pressed the candies and they stayed in place.  If you are going to be transporting these cookies to a party, you might want to use a bit of icing to keep them in place.  Use a large straw to press out a mouth from the cookies.  Your ghosts are done!

Let us know if you make these cookies for a fun Halloween event.  We would love to see your versions and hear about it on our Facebook page.  Looking for more fun food ideas for kids?  Check out our Food for Kids Pinterest board.

Princess Party Ideas

Oh, how we love to plan birthday parties with fun themes for the cousins.  There is a special little lady turning three soon, who is all about Princesses, sparkles, and glitter.  This Princess Party was perfect for Baby Girl.  From tiaras to pink rock candy, this party is perfect for princesses of all ages!

This post is sponsored by Betty Crocker.  All opinions are our own.

Pretty Pink Princess Party ideas:

We were thrilled when we were asked to try out Betty Crocker’s online birthday party resource.  There are so many themes to choose from with all of the details set for you.  From cake ingredients to decorations, invitations and thank you notes, everything is planned out.
party planning ideas for princess party.
Once we picked our Princess theme, it was time to start on the details.  This is the part I love.  Planning all of the cute little extras makes this mama happy.  I love to plan out decorations, food, and favors that match up with our party theme.  The Betty Crocker party planner makes it easy to keep yourself organized and on task.  
Guest list, oh yes. That is an important part.  Invites going out a week before the party?  Yep, that happens 😉

Princess Party Decor:

We decorated the house with banners and balloons.  We used a dollar store table cloth to make big puffy decorations.  Pink + Puffy= Princess. Obviously.

A few simple vases with pink shredded paper and princess party decor details to bring a little bit of enchantment to our centerpieces. 

Every princess needs to quench her thirst with magic potion.

Princess Party Cake:

Oh, this cake was so much fun to make!  Baby Girl loved all of the sparkle, and shine that we had going on here.  I used the directions to make Betty Crocker’s easy crown cake to put this cake together.  

Late night cake making antics can be found on our Instagram feed.

Pretty pink princess details.

I used neon food colors to make perfectly pink princess sugar cookies.
Princess party cake

Princess Party Favors:

Princess Party bookmark favors DIY
When I saw these Princess Party favor tags I knew we would use them to make a great thank you favor.  Our little Princess loves books so a bookmark for all of her guests was the perfect way to say “Thanks”.  

To make our DIY bookmarks, I used pink yarn to make pom poms.  Wind the yarn around your fingers and tie in the center.  Snip the loops of the yarn into a puff.  Tie to a long strand of yarn.  Tie the other end to the favor tag.  Easy DIY bookmarks for all guests are done!

A book from the dollar bin made great easy (and cheap) party favors for the guests.  The moms and dads loved that this was a non-candy party favor, too.  

Princess Party Activity:

When our crew of family gets together, the cousins go wild playing together.  I don’t like to plan a lot of games and activities at our parties, but there are lots of ideas if you need them.  I created these open ended castle blocks for the cousins to build and imagine with.  

There was lots of castle building and pretend play with these Princesses and Knights.

We had so much fun with our Princess party.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Fall Tree Crafts

Fall is in the air!  This time of year, the leaves are turning colors and there’s a crisp and crunchy-ness to everything.  If you live in an area that has leaves turning and falling, you know.  If you’re more south, you may have to create your own fall inspired leaf art.  Either way, these fall tree crafts will entertain!  The kids can stamp, print, and paint fall into your home with these four fun fall trees from the Share It Saturday features.  Check them out, and be sure to share your creations with us on our Facebook page.  We would love to see them!

Tree crafts for kids this Fall

Fun Fall Tree Crafts

Fall Tree Paint by number from Moms Inspired Life
Sticker Art Tree from Mosswood Connections
Fall Leaves Painting from 3 Dinosaurs
Fall Apple Tree from Mom to 5 Little Blessings

Apple Math Counting and Adding Activity

We love using math concepts that are learned in school into playful activities at home.  Learning through play is a great way to strengthen concepts learned in the classroom.  We used apples to count, add, and learn one day, all in the great outdoors!

Kindergarten and Preschool students will enjoy this math activity using apples or other objects with chalk.  One to one correspondence, dice math, counting

Apple math activity for Kindergartners and Preschoolers

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We used Sidewalk Chalk and a
dice for this activity.  I took the kids outside to the sidewalk one afternoon and drew a bunch of apple shapes.  We were ready to play.

Note–you could also draw any shape for this activity: pumpkins, smiley faces, geometric shapes, simple houses…any thing would work.

To play the game, I had the kids roll the dice.  They had to count the dots on the dice, or simply look at the dots to determine how many dots there were.  Big Sister did a lot of dice activities last year in Kindergarten so she was able to glance at the dice and know how many dots there were.  Little Guy counted the dots.  This is a great early math skill for preschool aged kids.

Once they counted the dots on the dice, I had them color in the same number of apples to correspond to the number of dots.  

We used the squares of our sidewalk to wok on Kindergarten math concepts that Big Sister learned towards the end of her school year.  Some of the squares had two apples drawn on them, and others had four or more.

This was a great opportunity to review addition. 

She added the apples to make the total match the number of dots on the dice. 

Little Guy counted along with Big Sister to count the total number of apples filled in.

Coloring in the apples with the chalk requires use of the small muscles of the hand.  The sidewalk surface is resistive and the area they colored in was small.  This required precision to stay in the lines.  Not to mention, coloring in all of those apples really strengthened the hands!

This was such a fun way to review old math areas for the new first grader and introduce new math concepts to the preschooler. Like this math activity?  Try a few of these ideas:

Crockpot Slow Cooker Meal Ideas Busy Families

This time of year, it’s about schedules.  School schedules, evening activities, weekend family time, homework, and busyness!  We pulled together a few must-make recipes from The Wonderful Wednesday blog hop that all use the slow cooker! Crock pot cooking is the way to go this time of year when the weather cools and comfort food sounds so good.  Pull out these ingredients in the morning before the kids get up, throw dinner together in the crock pot and go about your day.  Dinner is done!

Slow Cooker ideas for Busy families:

Slow Cooker meal ideas for busy families.  Throw everything in the crockpot before the kids get up and dinner is done!

Crockpot Beef Shepherds Pie from Sidetracked Sarah
Slow Cooker Sausage and Pumpkin Chili from Thrifty NW Mom
Crockpot Apple Crisp from More Than a Mom of Three
Slow Cooker Spicy Egg Casserole from Homemaking Hacks
Slow Cooker Chili Dogs from Miz Helen’s Country Cottage 
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches from Recipes for Our Daily Bread

Bear Puppets We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Preschool Book Club is back with another great book and activity.  This time, we’re exploring Michael Rosen’s “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.  This book is SO much fun.  The detailed directions, the descriptive adventures, and the catchy phrases make it a hit with Toddlers and Preschoolers.  My crew can recite this book from heart after reading it over and over again.

What better way to celebrate a fun book than a cute snack??!  We made bear hunt puppets to go along with the exploring family in the book.  These edible puppets will make the story telling fun (and tasty)!

We're Going On a Bear Hunt book and snack idea for kids, this is perfect for Preschool!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt snack activity

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Edible Puppets

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt snack activity

Making these bear puppet snacks is so easy.

teddy bear cookies 
pretzel dipping sticks 
peanut butter (although you could use any type of butter or even icing)

Start by putting a dab of peanut butter (or other butter) on the end of the pretzel stick.

Try not to eat it.

Stick the teddy bear grahams onto the peanut butter.  Done.  

Easy cuteness.

Show the kids how the bear goes over, under, around, and through as you read the book.  This is a great way to talk about spatial relationships while you discuss the family and bear’s journey through tall grass, mud, water, and forest.

Of course Baby Girl must do as big brother does.

We had fun making the bear puppets climb, jump, run, spin.  Even though it wasn’t exactly like the book…Little Guy had his bear doing ninja skills.

Of course.

We added a bowl of popcorn for a bit more snack time.  The popcorn became snow that the bears had to run through.

Check out the other Going on a Bear Hunt activities from Preschool Book Club:

Paper Bag PuppetsFrogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
Bear Hunt Sensory Tray  Mama Papa Bubba
Bear Hunt Map and Binoculars Buggy and Buddy

Bear Hunt Sensory Collage Homegrown Friends

We enjoyed our bear puppet snacks.  The Preschool Book club will be back in two weeks with another great book for kids.  You can see all of the other books we’ve done here:

Fire Truck Craft Easy Shapes

This fire truck craft was a given after we made our easy shapes school bus craft.  We love looking for trucks when we are out and about (what Toddler or Preschooler doesn’t??)  This fire truck craft was easy to do and perfect for little fingers to build.  We love the puzzle-like craftiness of this truck idea.  Fire safety week would be a great time to make this craft…but if you’ve got kids like mine, it’s fun any time of year!

Easy shapes fire truck craft. This is fun for toddlers and preschoolers during fire safety week.

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Items needed to make a fire truck craft:

cardstock in red, yellow, and white
scissors We love our fiscars for kid use!

We started with basic shapes to make our fire truck: large rectangle, square, 3 black circles (trace a bottle cap), three smaller white circles, white square, 8-10 black squares, long white rectangle for the ladder.  

Older children can work on cutting these shapes.  Cutting from card stock is a great way to work on scissor skills, as it’s a bit more sturdy than printer paper or construction paper.  The increased resistance provides more input when making snips with scissors. 

For the Toddlers and preschoolers, be sure to work on shape identification.  Point out the different shapes, the way that we know what they are (circles are one line and curve all around; rectangles have two long lines and two short lines with four corners).

These little fingers couldn’t wait to get started!

We started building our fire truck.

Fire truck craft for Preschool and Toddlers
Count the squares as you build the fire truck ladder. 

I cut a swirly curved shape for a fire hose.  Our fire truck turned out looking pretty cute and a great way to start talking about fire safety during Fire Safety Month in October.  Happy crafting!

Love this craft?  Check out our easy shapes bus craft.

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