Unique Uses for Baby Wipes

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Things get a little crazy when you’re a mom.  Whether your a mom to one or a mom to 7 young kids, life is messy.  There are always stains, crust, dust, and don’t even mention the laundry!  So when you’ve got all of these messes happening, you need easy assurance that the little things are taken care of. With four kids ages 7 and under, I’ve got a lot of messes most of the time.  And the bigger kids are my helpers.  But let’s be honest…the helpers make a lot of messes too, even when they are trying to help!

We had the chance to try Huggies Snug & Dry diapers and Natural Care Wipes Triple Clean and give them both a test run during our busy days and the opportunity to stand up to our big messes. 

You know you're a Mom when you use baby wipes for crazy things! dusting, cleaning, germ removal...

It seems like there is ALWAYS something to wipe, swipe, scrub, and clean. From stains on the couch to dust on the lamps (And oh boy, there’s a lot of dust!), life with kids gets messy.  Most moms I know keep a pack of wipes handy for easy clean up.  

I’ve found myself wearing the ultimate Mom badge of honor during preschool drop off (and only an hour after my morning shower) with the baby’s spit up.  
When you’re sitting at a red light and you see the dust all over the mini van’s dashboard?
When your daughter runs into the house with dirt and mud all over her dance jazz shoes? 
When the two year old wears the (hand-wash-only) Princess dress-up gown for a week strait?

I love that when I’m using all of these wipes for kiddo crusty noses, chocolaty little cheeks, and bums, the Natural Care Wipes Triple Clean layers stand up to the grunge with their layers that are thick enough to handle any mess and a texture soft enough for baby’s smooth skin.  

We like the designer tubs that the wipes come in and the pop up tubs.  Because a mom needs quick access to mess clean-up!  You’re also able to get the Natural Care wipes in big refill packs, on the go containers, and convenient soft packs of wipes.  

We hauled all the kids off to Target to get our Huggies Snug & Dry diapers with the Sure Fit design.  

After picking out the perfect extra-large mac truck sized grocery cart, we set off for our diapers and wipes.  But first you’ve got to stop and get popcorn from the store and spill just a bit…or half the bag. Mess alert.  Luckily, we found our diapers and wipes right away and got out of our Target before we caused any more tornadoes of messiness.

They have a flexible waistband for my littlest one’s kicks, twists, and turns as she’s starting to scoot across the floor.  There’s lots of kicking going on with those cute little toes, so protection against rashes and wet bottoms is really important to us.  With all of the running we do from preschool to the grocery store, to dance practice after school, we need leak proof guarantee!  

Because more messes aren’t needed 😉

My little peanut baby is on the smaller side.  She’s 5 months old, but so little that she’s still fitting into a size one diaper.  We need the “snug” fit like a hug around her waist and the SureFit design allows for protection of her delicate skin and up to 12 hours of leakage protection.  I felt like her little bottom was snugged up with the closures of Snug & Dry diapers.  

Any new package that comes into our house is usually inspected by the older kids (when they “help”) and our diaper and wipes purchases were no different.

Of course, diapers need to be stacked, counted, and sorted.  This little helper loved the designs on our diapers.  And needed to put her touch on our storage system.  I mean, it’s a great idea to keep all of your new diapers in a pile in the living room 😉

With all of the messes that happen just with a trip to the store to buy diapers, I have amazing news for any mom:  Target is now offering a new subscription program for automatic delivery of diapers, wipes, formula, and other household essentials.  So when the diaper and wipe stash are getting low you can be assured that more are on their way…and being delivered right to your doorstep! Perfect!  

Doorstep delivery of diapers and wipes would save the sanity of this mama and a few of the Target employees.  Customers, on the other hand, love us.  They love to see the crazy shopping cart full of kids coming down the aisles. It’s entertainment. Really.  

Get more information about Target’s new subscription service here

Be sure to use these coupons for Huggies Sung & Dry diapers and wipes!

How to make an easy Light Box for play and learning

We’ve made a DIY light box before and have loved playing and learning with light.  Light boxes are such a great way to encourage fine motor, sensory, visual perceptual skills, handwriting, language, creative thought process, and more.  We made another version of our Super Easy Light Box and when I say super easy…it doesn’t get much easier!

What is a light box used for? Sensory, learning, fine motor, and play

How to make an EASY light box

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Make a light box easily for learning and play
Start with a plastic bin with lid.  You’ll need your bin to be clear or see through. The size doesn’t matter, as long as it’s comparable to your light source.  We used our handy bright lantern.  This thing is heavy duty and we use it all the time.  The kids use this lantern for pretend play, outside play during summer nights, exploration adventures, Pirate explorers, ghost hunters…this lantern gets it’s run of play!  It fit pretty well in the bin that we used for our DIY light box, and the Bright LED light made a great light source.

DIY light box for kids to learn and play

Pop the lid on the plastic bin, and your light box is done.  How easy is that??!  

We used our DIY colored glass gems on the light box for sensory play.  These things are so easy to make and we’ve used them all the time for all sorts of fun activities.

Use a DIY light box for easy learning activities

Sorting, color patterns, math patterns, counting, number place values, adding, subtracting…this is light and math and fun all in one activity.

Use colored gems to learn patterns, counting with a light box

These look so good on the light box!  The best part is when the kids want to play explorer Pirates again, you just need to pop the lid off the bin!

We’re planning to use our glitter letter manipulatives on the light box next!

Letter Matching Glitter Manipulatives for Learning

These DIY letter manipulatives were very easy to make.  The kids and I have been playing with these letters for a few weeks now.  We love playing with learning elements and we’ve done a lot of letter identification activities.  This one was fun to make and for playing!

DIY letter match manipulatives with glass gems.  These are great for letter identification, matching, memory games, pre-reading.

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This letter learning activity was a lot like our DIY color glass gems.  They are so much fun for sorting, patterning, play on the DIY light box.  We used a similar manner to make these glitter letters. These large glass gems are great for play and learning.  We’ve written letters and shapes on them, and painted them, created art with them.

If you have’t made your own DIY decoupage, this is one thing you need to try.  We use this stuff all the time.

We used glitter that we received from http://www.craftprojectideas.com.  

Paint the flat side of the glass gems with decoupage.  Cover with glitter.

Shake off the excess glitter.  Coat with another layer of decoupage.

Stick on letter stickers and cover with another thin coat of decoupage.
Let those beauties dry.

When the letters were dry, we played letter memory, sounded out the sounds of the letters, and matched the letters.  This is a great way to play and learn letter identification, letter sounds, pre-reading, visual scanning skills, and more.

We haven’t tried putting the letter manipulatives on the light table yet, but I think they will look great!

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Littlest Pet Shop Party Ideas

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My daughter (age 7) is a HUGE planner.  She loves to create, plan play ideas, write lists, plan parties, and organize.  My favorite scenario that she pretends and plans is her pet shop/beauty shop/school/day care. (Really, that sounds like a genious operation!)

When we had the opportunity to plan a Littlest Pet Shop Party for a few of her firends, I was very excited to tell her about the fun we would be having.  We got busy planning and she grabbed her pen and started making lists for party planning.  The invite list, the food, the activities…this is her kind of fun! (And lets be honest, her mom’s too.  We love our parties!)

Littlest Pet Shop Party Ideas

Littlest Pet Shop party ideas with snacks, craft, play, and more. This would be a great play date idea too, or just for fun!

I love that Big Sister can be who she wants to be with her ideas.  This party was such a fun way to expand on some of her interests with friends.  The Littlest Pet Shop empowers fans to Be Who They Want to Be, so this was a perfect fit for her big ideas!  From creating their own cities to customizing style sets and figures, the Littlest Pet Shop fans can create, decorate, and glamorize as they like.  With over 100 pets, there is a lot of fun and imagination to be had!  The city skyline can be arranged horizontally or vertically for unique fun and pretending.

Our Littlest Pet Shop party was so much fun.  Big Sister invited a cousin and a few friends (who happen to be HUGE Littlest Pet Shop fans!) We Customized our Blythe’s Bedroom set with stickers and Deco Bits (unique accesories that can be moved again and again for decorating fun).  The rooms of the city sets are so uniue in that rooms can be moved, stacked, and positioned in lots of different ways.  This is a toy that can be used in so many ways in pretend play. 

The move-ability of the sets were great for lots of little hands to play.  We set them out on our train table before the party so that everyone could get in on the pretend play fun.  We loved that the sets could be accessed from all sides and there are play scenes on the back of the sets, too.  

The Littlest Pet Shop style set was big time fun for Big Sister and her shop planning.  She pretended to make a shop for dog bones and accessories.  There was a lot of purchasing and decorating with the style bits.

Penny Ling is a favorite in our house.  We used this little cutie to design our world digitally, too with the Littlest Pet Shop app.  Hold the toy, scan with your smart phone, and play! You can find out more at Littlest Pet Shop.

 Littlest Pet Shop Party Food


We served the girls chicken nuggets, noodles, and carrots, but every party needs a few snacks.  We served up Animal crackers and “Pet Shop Punch”.

What Pet Shop animals can you match up to the animal crackers?

Littlest Pet Shop Craft

We made popcorn bags as a Littlest Pet Shop craft.  The girls were big craft-fans, so this was fun!  I had an example of our popcorn crafts set out and the girls got busy with their painting.  We used these as popcorn bags for our movie later during the party. 
To make our Littlest Pet Shop popcorn bags, we glued on purple and pink pet bowls with an oval for the girls’ names.  They glued the pieces into place and then painted on the popcorn.  Popcorn in a pet bowl?  Perfect party snack for Pet Shop fans!

Next, we painted on popcorn.  We used cotton balls clipped onto a clothes pin. This made a great handle for the girls to paint popcorn on the bags.  Dab the paint dry and let the project dry completely before drawing on black outlines to the popcorn.  Alternately, you could glue on popcorn to the bag.

We decorated a bit more with stickers.

The popcorn bags dried while the girls played with pets. 

Littlest Pet Shop Party Play

We brought our pretend play to life with the Sweetest Pets movie.  This was a hit at the party as the girls played and pretended while acting out scenes.  

Cute movie alert!

Girls watched the video on couch cushions spread out on the floor and took playing breaks at the play sets.  It was so much fun watching thier pretend happening (and getting in on the action-a Mom’s gotta relive her pretend play days on long ago!  Plus, it’s just fun!)

These girls were loving the movie!  The popcorn was a hit for movie snacking.

This play set has been in pretend play action for weeks, now.  We’ve been arranging, re-arraigning, sorting, decorating, and styling our pets and loving it!

Fall Leaf Crafts Activities

Fall is such a fun time of year.  With the crisp cool air, and crunchy leaves, the outdoors is a playground for learning and play.  We love the fun that is to be had with leaves.  Share It Saturday brings learning, crafts, and activities with leaves this week.  We’re ready to get crafty with Fall Leaf Fun!

Fall Leaf craft and activity ideas for kids

Fall Leaf Crafts and Activities for Kids


Fall Art Collage from A Little Pinch of Perfect
The Leaves of the Trees Preschool Song from Growing Book By Book

Leaf Candles from A Little Pinch of Perfect
Autumn Leaf Hats from Mosswood Connections
Leaf Stamping Tee Shirts from Mommy Crusader

Fall Nature Invitation from KCEdventures
Leaf Peg Dolls from In the Playroom  
Leaf Color Sort from Stir the Wonder

Our favorite Leaf Crafts and Activities: 

Gratitude Leaf Garland
Leaves Placemat Craft and Books
Sight Word Sticky Easel Leaves

Skip Counting by 5s

First grade math is fun stuff!  It’s all new to us as Big Sister works her way through first grade.  She’s our oldest and so it’s neat to see how much she’s learning in such a short time in school.  We’ve done math activities throughout her Kindergarten year and we’ll be supplementing the first grade curriculum at school with our own fun twist on math activities at home.  Learning through play makes homework easier and fun.  

The beginning weeks of first grade brought counting to 120 and skip counting by 5s and 10s.  We did this skip counting activity using stars to skip count by 5s.

First Grade Math Activity

Skip Counting by 5s Activity

We started by using foam star stickers and a black piece of construction paper.  This “play”sheet (a fun way to play with a not-quite-worksheet) let us count and play as we learned.

Big Sister peeled the backs from the stickers and stuck the stars in a line.

Count those stars.

I wrote out on our playsheet the number of stars and the number of points.

We talked about the stars and how they have five points.  We practiced counting a few of the stars to see how they made counting by 5s easier.

Big Sister counted out the stars and then counted out the points by counting by fives.

Tattoos are optional for this activity 😉

We made a few more playsheets with stars for counting, using princess colors.  I kind of like the stary night sheets, though.

Let us know if you do this activity!

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Process Art Monster Cupcake Liner Craft

Process focused play is a great way to create and explore.  What is process art?  It’s creative and open-ended art that focuses on the child’s thought processes.  

We made these super cute monsters with a pile of crafting supplies and no clear end in mind.  We went with the flow of creativity all while working on fine motor skills, language, creativity, and more.

Process Art Craft for Kids

Cupcake liner monster craft made with process art.

We received many of the craft materials used in this craft from www.craftprojectideas.com.
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Start with Wilton mini cupcake liners in primary colors.

Glue them flat onto a piece of  black construction paper.  Add googly eyes.  Monsters need lots of googly eyes.

Pile up a bunch of craft items.  Pom poms, feathers, colored paper, glitter, string, pipe cleaners…This looks like fun, right??!

It was fun to watch the kids as they created.  Each made their monsters in their own way, and it suited their personalities.  We let the creativity flow!

Little Guy needed a lot of spikes for his monsters.  We told a few jokes.  
Who is the messiest monster?


These monsters took a ride on their feather taxi. 

Create, imagine, explore.  We did that!  What a fun way to practice fine motor skills, textures, and materials.  If you make process art monsters, share them with us! We’d love to see them!

Baked Cotton Balls Ten Apples Up On Top

Did you ever do an activity with the kids that was such a hit, that the kids ask to re-do the activity over and over and over again?  This one is it for us.  There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t hear about our smashing apples activity. Especially if we happen to see a hammer.  Oh, this baked cotton ball activity was a fun one for us! 
We’ve never made baked cotton balls before, but have had the idea bubbling for a while.  When we heard that the Preschool Book Club‘s book for this week would be Ten Apples Up on Top, we knew it would have to be an apple themed baked cotton ball activity.  We even made these waaaay before all of the other book activities in the second series of books.  Like back in June.  If you’ve never made baked cotton balls before, this is a MUST-DO activity!
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How to make Baked Cotton Balls:

First read Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss.  This is such a fun book for counting and playing along with the story.
Begin by mixing together one cup of flour and one cup of water.  This is a great activity for the kids.  Scooping, stirring, direction following, sneak tasting (my kids aren’t the only ones who go crazy for flour, right!??)
Pour in a bunch of red food coloring.  We typically go with Wilton gel colors for all of our dying activities, but I knew I wanted a really deep red color.  It seems like red coloring requires SO much dye to get a good shade of red.  I ended up using a bottle from the dollar store and used about half of the bottle of food dye.  This was maybe 20 drops?  Add enough to get a nice red color.
Mix in the food coloring.
Now is the cotton ball part.  Grab up your stash of cotton balls.
Mix them around to coat all of the cotton balls.  
Place a layer of aluminum foil on a baking tray and place the cotton balls on the tray for baking.  I used two forks to pick up the coated cotton balls and was able to let excess flour coating drip off before placing the cotton balls onto the foil. You’ll want to let as much excess drip off before putting them on the sheet to avoid the sharp edges and flat bottom once the cotton balls bake.
Pop the baking sheet into the oven for around 60 minutes at 300 degrees F.
While the cotton balls are baking, snip up the leaves and stems for the apples.  We used brown pipe cleaners and green crafting foam that we received from www.craftprojectideas.com.
When the apples are done, pull them out of the oven and let them cool for a bit. They will be nice and hard.  You’ll need to snip the bottom edges of the apples to remove any sharp edges that dripped to the base before baking.
To attach the leaves and stems, lay the leaves on the apple top and poke the pipe cleaner through the foam sheet and into the cotton ball.  The kids were able to help with this part, but assisting with stem attachment did not allow this mama to take any pictures 😉
Our crop of apples were ready for playing with!
We followed along with the book as we read to stack up apples one by one.  What a great way to learn and play with math facts, counting, number order, and simple adding.  Little Guy LOVED this activity.
We got to hammering the cotton balls and this was the really fun part!  The baked cotton balls have a hard outer edge that allow for a satisfying crunch when smashed, and a squishy, cottony center.  What a fun way to explore and play.
We used a plastic hammer, but any hammer would do.
In fact, fists work just as well for smashing.
We had a smashing afternoon.

The remains of our cotton ball smashing reminded us of this page in the book.  Be sure to let us know if you make baked cotton balls!  We would love to hear about your experience with this sensory and fine motor activity!
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