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How to Dye Pumpkin Seeds for Sensory Play

We made these dyed pumpkin seeds last year and played with them a TON.  This year, we made rainbow pumpkin seeds after Halloween.  We've been playing with them in all kinds of sensory play activities, fine motor fun, and learning activities.

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Make Dyed Pumpkin Seeds for Sensory and Fine Motor Play:

This year we made them a bit differently than last year.  I tried to roast the seeds after coloring them with the food coloring.  To make our seeds this year, we used liquid food coloring dye and gel food coloring .  Each type of food coloring worked really well.  The problem with roasting the seeds after coloring them is that the colors don't "stick" as well to the seed, making less vivid colors.  I would suggest first roasting your seeds and THEN dying them like we did here.

Whether you use liquid food coloring dye or gel food coloring, add the seeds to plastic baggies and add the food coloring.  Seal up the baggies, mix the seeds around, (or hand them over to the kids and let them go crazy), and get the seeds coated in coloring.  

Spread the seeds out on aluminum foil spread on a cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees F for 25 minutes.  Be sure to check on the seeds often to make sure they are not burning.  If you roast them first, the colors will cover any brown spots.

We used our dyed seeds in art projects first.  manipulating those seeds is a great way to work on fine motor skills.  Little Sister was SO excited to make art!

We made pretty symmetrical pictures.

Little Guy made a gingerbread man.  Because why not??! ;)

Little Sister made a rainbow with her seeds.

This sensory play activity was very fun.  We couldn't keep our hands out of the tray as we played and created.

Be sure to use your dyed pumpkin seeds for a few fun ideas like these: