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Heart Maze Visual Perceptual Activity

Sometimes an activity can be just easy to throw together and the kids love it.  This Heart Maze is a simple visual perceptual activity that can be adapted to any season or shape.  We used hearts to practice visual scanning, visual spatial relations, line awareness, and eye-hand coordination...and had a lot of fun doing it!

Visual Perceptual Heart Maze Activity

Heart Maze Activity for Eye-Hand Coordination

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It really doesn't get much easier.  Grab a piece of  pink card stock and cut out a quick heart.  Trace the heart on a piece of white paper.  Continue tracing, positioning the hearts in a line.  You want a "maze" to form around the paper. 

Fill in the blank space with more heart outlines, but this time, rotate the shape so it's positioned randomly and not as close to the maze.

Cut more hearts from the pink card stock.  We used a darker shade to work on patterns as we filled int the maze.

Lining up the hearts requires eye-hand coordination to position the card stock hearts within the outlines.  Using the hands in a coordinated manner based on visual input is an important skill for many functional tasks including handwriting and scissor use.

What is Visual Spatial Relations?

Visual spatial relations is the ability to identify a form/shape/letter despite being rotated, and identify it as being rotated.  Children need visual spatial relations to identify the difference between a "b" and "d" and "p", and "q".   This sheet full of hearts that look the same requires the child to identify the hearts that are following a path.  Some of the hearts not along the path are rotated  and the child should be able to identify by scanning, the hearts that are rotated.  

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