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Valentine's Day Tea

We have been loving tea recently in our house.  After Christmas, the whole house came down with a bug, and sore throats and coughs hit us all.  A cup of tea (decaffeinated for the kids!) with a bit of honey helped a lot.  With Valentine's Day coming up, this Beau-TEA-ful tea bag is an easy way to spread cheer and smiles to loved ones!  We whipped these up in a few minutes.  And enjoyed beau-tea-ful tea for our sore throats.

Make Valentines Day tea bags for some one you love!

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Valentine's Day Tea

We started with pink and red assorted cardstock and snipped quick little hearts.  I wrote "Beau-TEA-ful" on the hearts.  Baby Girl helped me pull the paper labels off of tea bags.  We taped the hearts on quickly, and we were done!  So easy!

This would make a great class gift idea for Valentine's Day...or a way to spread love and a smile to someone you love!

We'll be sipping beau-tea-ful tea for a while around here!

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