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One Zillion Valentines Airplane Craft

Have you read the book, One Zillion Valentines?  It i such a cute Valentine's Day book for kids.  We read the book and made a Miniature Candy Heart Valentine based on the book a few weeks back.  That same day, we made this airplane valentine craft too, because we loved this part of the book!

Valentine Airplane craft based on the book, One Zillion Valentines

Have you read the book, One Zillion Valentines? Such a cute book for kids and this craft is based on the book.

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One Zillion Valentines craft

 One Zillion Valentines is one fun book for kids around Valentine's Day.  We love this part of the book...the message and the images!  We decided to make our own airplane craft for Valentine's Day.

First we drew a big glue heart on large blue paper.

Grab a handful of cotton balls.  Some brands of cotton balls are rolled and you can pinch and unroll the layers of cotton.  This is a great fine motor activity for kids!  Other brands of cotton balls can be pinched apart into strands.  This is ALSO a great fine motor activity for kids!  Pinching and pulling the cotton balls apart works on the intrinsic hand strength of the small muscles of the hands.  These are the muscles that are located within the hand and are essential for endurance during writing and coloring tasks while holding a writing utensil with an open web space.

Make a paper airplane from red cardstock.  My Little Guy (age 5) was totally into following a step by step example to make his own airplane.  

Glue the paper airplane onto the trail of Valentine smoke and you've got a super cute airplane craft!

Don't forget to make a few more airplanes for tossing around the house!