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Beautiful Oops Folded Paper Animals Crafts

Preschool Book Club is back this week with the book, Beautiful Oops!  Beautiful Oops is a creative and fun book and we are excited to bring you our take on the book with folded paper animal crafts.  

Book craft for Beautiful Oops folded paper animals process art.

Beautiful Oops Craft

This post contains affiliate links.  Have you read the book, Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg?  This is a book that we completely fell in love with.  The creative process of art spills out over the pages as little (and big) "oops" messes, tears, and folds become art.  While we do many crafts that are focused on an end product, process art is something we love in many creative projects! Beautiful Oops! is a process art guide book.

As we read the book, one of our favorite pages was the folded corner Oops that became a reason to celebrate with a cute penguin.  We decided to make folded paper animals and couldn't stop creating!

Folded paper animal crafts for kids based on the book, Beautiful Oops

Folded Paper Animal Crafts

We started with a big pile of assorted cardstock, a few pair of scissors and some glue.  We started with a fold on the corner of the paper and let our imaginations go!

We cut...

...and cut some more...

...and folded...

...and glued...

...and added details to our animal creatures.

Beautiful Oops folded paper animal crafts

Folded paper animal crafts based on the book, Beautiful Oops

We made a feeeew animals.

Monkey bookmark craft

And then put our folded paper creatures to work holding pages in books!

Paper bird bookmark craft

Penguin paper craft bookmark

We had a blast with this book and can't stop making our oops' beautiful!

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Are you ready to make a mistake into a Beautiful Oops?  Take the resolution to celebrate mistakes in every classroom while using accidents as a way to learn.  Teachers and librarians can take the challenge and get their own Beautiful Oops kit including an educators guide and classroom supplies.  Make a resolution to make an oops into a beautiful mistake here.

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