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MomCon Conference and Ticket Giveaway

Being a mom is hard.  It can be exhausting.  There are so many factors going into a day's work of motherhood.  There are outside jobs, schedules, commitments.  And the busyness of  doing the day to day Mommyhood.

So how do we inspire, empower, and connect with other Moms when we are so focused on this busy busy life of kids, jobs, spouse, family, laundry, grocery lists, weekend events, overdue library books, and all of the STUFF?

I'm so excited to share about the MomConThe MomCon is a conference to learn from other women doing incredible things: women in business, careerists, writers, artists, do-gooders, movers and shakers.  It is a day of speakers, connection, and inspiration for women going through the day to day grind of life.  

I have to admit.  I was invited to this event last year.  I didn't go.  I had a new baby, three older children, and I was comfortable.  I had laundry up to my ears, homework battles every weeknight, and crumbs and toys on every surface of the house (and van!).  I had routines and schedules, and chaotic, event-filled weekends.  I had four kids aged 7 and under and life was completely crazy.  Yet I was comfortable.  

Now, a year later, life is still completely crazy.  In fact, most days are a blur.  By Sunday, I  slow down enough to breathe and refocus, and realize the week has flown by in a fog.  I'm not sure that is going to change. Having kids and doing life just means we're on a crazy tornado of fun-filled, messiness.  Every day.  

However, NOW, I'm not as comfortable.  I'm uncomfortable enough in my crumbs and chaos to make a change and work on my dreams. I'm ready to connect with other mothers out there who are going through the same feelings and thoughts as me, women who are building businesses, inspiring others, and making things happen...all while managing families, households, and careers.  Last year, I was comfortable in my chaos.  This year, I'm ready to be inspired, empowered, and encouraged. This year, I'm building goals, dreams and showing my kids how strong their Mom can be!

This conference is more than a conference.  It is a time to find strength, grow passions, gain empowerment, and connect with others.  The speakers are unbelievable.  These women are doers.  They are hard workers and are an inspiration.  They are dreaming big and showing their kids that Mom and women can do whatever they strive to do.  

So, are you comfortable with the chaos or are you ready for more?

Join me at the MomCon this year! 

When: Saturday November 7th, 2015 9am- 4:30pm

Where: Doubletree by Hilton in Monroeville

How do I register: Click Here to buy your Tickets! Tickets are $95 and there will be full-service child care for $40

Here is the best news.  You can use The PROMO code: momcon5off. This promo code will give you $5 off early bird registration, and then $5 off regular registration when it begins. 

AND, here is even better news: I have a ticket to give away.  Enter to win ONE ticket for a day of empowerment and inspiration.  You deserve it! 

This post has been sponsored by the Mom Con. However, all opinions remain my own. #momswhorock #themomcon