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Handwriting Help Subscribers

Hello, handwriting help seekers!

You are here because you subscribed to get FREE handwriting printables.  If you arrived on this page by chance, you can sign up for access to the freebies HERE.

I know there are so many handwriting concerns that we as parents, teachers, and therapists have when working with children.

Some of the concerns that readers like YOU have voiced are:

"I can't get my child to carry over the handwriting skills he's learned into the classroom setting."

"My child can form letters correctly but has horrible spacing and line use!"

"I have a student that holds the pencil SO STRANGELY. It looks like his hand hurts when he writes!"

"Kids are coming into my classroom severely lacking the fine motor skills they need to hold a pencil.  How can I help when I have to cover so many academics?"

Do any of these handwriting struggles sound familiar to you?  Chances are, there are THOUSANDS of others who are seeking information just like you.

Thank you for joining me in helping kids to learn to beat their handwriting struggles.

Handwriting Free Printables

I will be sending you 6 days of FREE handwriting printables.  

They are probably in your inbox right now. 

These are handouts that contain tips, tricks, and techniques for helping common handwriting challenges.  In each email, I have links for creative ways to build these skills, a Quick Tip related to the email's theme, and a Fine Motor Quick Tip. 

The email series is not all inclusive...meaning that there is a TON more that I could talk about when it comes to handwriting help.  

It is my hope that you will find some answers that work for your child/student/client.  

Let me know what it is that YOU need the most help with. I love to come up with creative strategies and chances are, there are others who work with kids that have the same exact handwriting issues.  

Let's overcome the handwriting battle together!

Here are a few quick tips that might help you along the way:

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