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Welcome to the Shop.  There are so many great products out there and I wanted to put together my favorites.  These are affiliate links, meaning I will receive a percentage of the purchase, at no cost to you.  I do want to say, though that I only share products that I stand behind.  These are books and resources that will be an asset to childhood development, education, and Occupational Therapy goal areas.

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 Visual Processing Problems checklist for school based Occupational Therapists


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                  A few of my favorite BOOKS:

Are you looking for more information on Sensory Processing and Proprioception (or any of the sensory systems and how they affect functional skills, behavior, and the body's sensory systems?  This book, Sensory Processing 101, will explain it all.  Activities and Resources are included.  Get it today and never struggle to understand or explain Sensory Integration again.  Shop HERE.


Want to cook healthy foods for your family?  Grab Yum! Deliciously Healthy Meals for Kids, a cookbook for busy families that want healthy meal ideas. 

Healthy recipes for kids


Learn with Play: 150+ Activities for year-round fun and learning for kids.  An amazing resource for parents, teachers, grandparents, child care workers.  This would be a great gift idea for birthdays!

Learn with Play is FULL of activities for kids from bloggers all over the world.  This is a resourse for parents, teachers, therapists, and anyone who interacts with kids. Purchase your Ebook, Kindle version, or Paperback version below: 

Ebook version ($14.95) Click here to purchase

Kindle version ($14.95) Click here to purchase

Paperback version ($29.99) Click here to purchase


The Core Strengthening Handbook is a resource of activities to help kids who can't seem to sit still, pay attention, or sit up strait in their chair.  This is a huge resource by an OT and a PT to give kids the skills they need to succeed!


A Year of Quiet Bins eBook is a resource of quiet play sensory bins and learning tools to keep kids learning through play all year long.  These are activities to improve fine motor skills all year long.