April Occupational Therapy Calendar Ideas

Can you believe we are heading into April already?  This year is flying by and Spring with it’s warmer weather is on the horizon.  Today, I’ve got your April Occupational Therapy calendar for you AND awesome news.  I have a HUGE resource for you that will carry you throughout the rest of Spring with treatment ideas and activities that are designed to meet the needs of many common goal areas.  This resource is perfect for planning a month or a season of therapeutic activities for kids.

If you’ve seen the last few months’ calendars (Check them out, if you missed them: January, February, & March), then you will see that this month’s calendar is just a bit different.  I’ve found that I completely love coming up with themed activities that are designed to address many needs of children receiving (or who need to receive) Occupational Therapy services.  I’m enjoying this monthly calendar so much that I decided to take it a bit further.

For April’s calendar, I decided to provide MORE ideas, more ways to develop necessary skills, and more ways to cover many more systems of development. 

This month’s calendar is essentially going to rock your OT kiddo’s socks!

Spring Occupational Therapy Activities


April Occupational Therapy Activity Ideas for Treatment

This month, I’ve decided to create a huge resource for your OT treatment activity ideas.  You will be able to grab the printable calendar by subscribing to our newsletter list and a PDF resource sheet in The OT Toolbox store, or right HERE.  Each month’s calendar is such a valuable resource of OT ideas, and this month is no different, except that it has a TON more ideas to address many areas of deficits that typically present in kids receiving OT services.  I’ve got Spring themed activities that can be modified to meet the needs of your child. 
Williams & Shellenberger Pyramid of Learning
Each activity takes into account, the Williams and Shellenberger Pyramid of Learning.  They allow for proper sensory integration in order to adjust for the child’s needs and presenting areas of difficulty. The activities are designed to meet the foundations of sensory needs in order to work on higher tasks that present as difficulties in functional skills.  And what I like best about this month’s calendar, is that the activities can be adapted in several different ways so that the resource calendar can be used over and over again in coming months. In fact, there are 109 activities in this book using all of the combinations of activities. 109!
I told you this would rock your OT socks, right?
Grab your April Occupational Therapy calendar by signing up for our newsletter.  You will be directed to a link where you can grab April’s calendar and all of the other freebies I’ve offered in the past.  
Note: This month’s calendar is a little different that the last few calendars.  I’m including a schedule of sensory activities but it does not include specifics to perform each day’s task.  You’ll need the Spring Occupational Therapy Activities ebook in order to complete each day’s activity.  You will be guided through sensory activities that meet many different goal areas.  
The coolest thing about this book is that you can complete the activities all season long.  This ebook will carry you through the next few months as you work on each task and it’s breakdown of variant activities. 
It’s all included in the ebook:
Spring Occupational Therapy activities

Get your guide to the this Spring’s Occupational Therapy activities today!  Use it all Spring long as you go through each task outlined in the book.

April Occupational Therapy calendar of activities
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  3. Play your way through the next few months with Spring-y activities that are broken down into several different goal areas.  
                                                    That’s it!
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