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Core Strengthening with Music and Movement

Kids love to move and wiggle.  They also need the strengthening that occurs as a result of all of that moving and wiggling.  Today, I've got fun ways to build the core body strength using music and movement songs and rhymes.  These are childhood classics that are fun to pass on to kids!

When children have a strong core (or trunk), they are able to sit up at a desk, play on the floor without drooping or slumping, write with a functional position, and even dress themselves more easily.  Strength of the core body is essential for every childhood function, and even allows the child to pay attention more easily. 

Core strengthening with movement and music rhyming songs for kids

Core Body Strengthening with Music and Movement Songs

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Think back to your childhood.  Are there games or activities that you recall doing in carefree childhood play?  Some of those music rhyming games can be used to work on strength and stability of the body's trunk. 

Try these core body strengthening ideas. I love all of the creative exercises and activities for building strength in the trunk.

Core strengthening with movement and music rhyming songs for kids

Music and Movement Rhymes for addressing core body strength:
I'm a Little Teapot
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around
If You're Happy and You Know It
Hokey Pokey
The Wheels on the Bus

Try these rhyming games to work on the strength of the upper body with your kids, all while having fun and inducing giggles!

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What should you do when weak core muscles impact handwriting?

Strengthening the core can have a HUGE impact in handwriting!  

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Core strengthening with movement and music rhyming songs for kids

Do you have any favorite movement and music rhymes from your childhood?