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June Calendar Occupational Therapy Ideas

We're plugging along as the end of this school year arrives and the start of summer is right around the corner.  Are you ready for a summer with the kids?  It can be hard to stay on track with Occupational Therapy goals during the carefree days of summer.  This month, with the June Occupational Therapy calendar, I wanted to bring you easy ways to keep up on therapy goals.  

There is nothing better than the whole family getting involved with a game or an outing. Family time is memory-making time and so this month's  Occupational Therapy calendar is focused around family activities.  

In fact, I've created a whole summer of OT activities that the get the family involved!  These are sensory-based treatment activities that build on skills that may make up your child's Occupational Therapy goals.  The nice thing about these activities is that you can adjust the activity to meet individual goals. 

June Occupational Therapy calendar of activities for the family

June's calendar is a quick download.  You can get it by joining our mailing list. You'll want to then grab your Summer Occupational Therapy Family Activities handbook.  It's a huge resource of sensory-based family activities that will last the whole summer.
Summer Occupational Therapy Family activities

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Here's what you get in the handbook for only $3.99:
  • A summer plan of Occupational Therapy activities
  • 71 Activites based on sensory systems including:
  • 34 Proprioception activites 
  • 18 Vestibular activities 
  • 13 Tactile activities 
  • 6 Oral Defensiveness activities
  • Each activitiy is family friendly and designed to get the whole family involved in therapy activities and goals.
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