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Fall Tactile Sensory Activities

This Fall, encourage exploration of the sense of touch with these Fall tactile sensory activities.  Kids and families can get involved in these fall and harvest themed activities that just might start a new seasonal tradition while encouraging sensory play!

Fall tactile sensory play ideas for families and kids

Fall Tactile Sensory Activities

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1.     Pumpkin Seed Scoop- Carving a pumpkin is an excellent sensory experience.  When it comes to scooping out the pumpkin guts, kids can challenge their tactile sense by touching and moving the seeds.  For kids who are not able to tolerate this task, try using latex free gloves.  Kids can also try pulling off the pumpkin’s seeds from the innards using tweezers.  Once the seeds are removed, allow kids to rinse the seeds in a colander and strain them into containers.  Use scoops and spoons of different sizes to address visual motor integration skills as they move and manipulate the wet seeds. Pinching individual seeds is an excellent fine motor task.

2.     Marshmallow Pinch- Kids that have made s’mores know that managing that sticky marshmallow is a messy experience.  Embrace the mess with a marshmallow pinching activity that will challenge the sense of touch.  Warm a marshmallow over a fire or in the microwave.  Allow it to cool to the touch and ask kids to pinch and pull the sticky marshmallow.  Use the pointer finger and thumb to pinch the marshmallow while addressing hand strength and pincer grasp.  Use the stringy marshmallow to create a textured sort of paint by placing the marshmallow on paper.  This is a taste-safe tactile sensory experience that kids will love.

3.     Pumpkin Bin- Address sensory needs by creating a sensory bin with a pumpkin theme.  Use egg cartons to create pumpkins and place them in a sensory bin filled with field corn or rice.  Here is an example of how to create this sensory bin. 

4.     Fall Texture Feel- Gather various textures from nature to create a multi-textural sensory experience.  Use leaves, sticks, acorns, small pumpkins and gourds, or dry corn husks for kids to explore various textures.

Fall harvest tactile sensory play ideas for kids and families

More Fall and Harvest themed tactile sensory play ideas:

Create a sensory bin with leaves.  Hide small items in the leaves for kids to feel and find.
Make Fall Slime for messy sensory play.
Make a Fall sensory bin like this one at Fantastic Fun and Learning.

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