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Everything You Need for Your Minecraft Fan

My son is a Minecraft fan.  He is obsessed.  From playing the game, to pretending with action figures, to reading the books.  He is Minecraft obsessed in a big way.  Although this is a different sort of post than I usually share, I wanted to put together a gift guide that has everything Minecraft that you need for your obsessed child.  Use this list as a guide for gift ideas, stocking stuffers, and even pass it on to grandparents who are asking what to buy this holiday season.

And here is a tip: when that Minecraft loving kid HATES to practice handwriting, use his or her passions to spark a writing fire! 

I've got all of the Minecraft writing tools toward the bottom of this post, so scroll on down...but for now, here are  toys that will help improve pencil grasp.

Everything you need for your minecraft fan this holiday season. use these minecraft ideas for gifts.

Minecraft Gifts That Your Child Will Love

There are SO many Minecraft ideas that are out there.  From gift ideas to stocking stuffers, you can find them all here.

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These figures are perfect for building, setting up imaginative scenes and pretend play scenarios.  The great thing about Minecraft is that the mind is the limit when it comes to creating scenes.There are so many mini figures that can be used in pretend play scenarios. Use them to encourage storylines.  Then, kids can write down characters, plays, and actions of the figures.

Use these blocks to create landscapes: 

What to do with all of those mini figures? Grab a storage case. Use small Minecraft notepads to label the figures in the case.

Looking for a few digital ideas? Ask kids to write labels on the games or instructions for play.

Most parents are interested in getting the kids to read. For the Minecraft obsessed kid, a story about Steve may be just the material that creates a bookworm. Use the books to encourage writing.  Ask your child to write a story extension to the books. Here are some Minecraft books to try:

If you are a lost Minecraft parent, here are some guide books that might help: 

Everything you need for your minecraft fan this holiday season. use these minecraft ideas for gifts.

If you've got a child who HATES to write or practice handwriting, but LOVES Minecraft, then why not try to sneak some handwriting skills into their interest? Try these Minecraft themed handwriting activities: 

Use this paper to practice handwriting with a Minecraft theme:

Kids can use the journals to practice handwriting, using the toys in the ways described above. Encourage quality handwriting, but overall legibility over quality.  Minecraft is your child's passion and you don't want to make it a job to just play! 

Minecraft handwriting activiites