Occupational Therapy Month | The OT Toolbox

Occupational Therapy Month

April is Occupational Therapy month!  To celebrate, I've created a month of images that can be shared on social media.  Each image is an underlying area that influences development and includes a therapist quick tip.  These are occupational therapy tricks and tips! 

It's my hope that each day in April, you'll share your creative ways to work on these skills.  Join us each day on The OT Toolbox's Facebook page to share your favorite ways to address these areas!

Happy Occupational Therapy Month!

 Kinesthetic learning activities

DAY 1: Kinesthetic Learning- Try these kinesthetic learning activities.

 Vestibular activities for kids

DAY 2: Vestibular Activities- Try these vestibular activities.

 Toys and tools to help with attention

 Laterality and hand dominance

DAY 4: Try these activities to address laterality and hand dominance.

 Proprioception activities

DAY 5: Try these activities to develop and address proprioception needs. 

 Distal finger control exercises

 Neat pincer grasp activities

DAY 7: Try these Neat Pincer Grasp activities.

 Tactile sensory input activities

DAY 8: Try these activities to develop tactile discrimination and the tactile sense.

 Bilateral coordination activities

 What is motor planning activities

DAY 10: Try these activities if you are wondering, "What is motor planning?"

   olfactory sense scented play

DAY 11: Try these olfactory sense scented play ideas.

 Eye-hand coordination activities

 Visual scanning activity

DAY 13: This is a fun visual scanning activity.

 In-hand manipulation activities

DAY 14: Read more about in-hand manipulation activities.

 What is finger isolation

DAY 15: Read more about finger isolation.

 Precision of grasp activities

DAY 16: Try these precision of grasp activities.

 Visual discrimination activity

DAY 17: Try this activity to build visual discrimination.

 What is visual memory

DAY 18: Read more about visual memory here.

 Visual closure activity

DAY 19: Try this activity to develop visual closure.

 Form constancy visual perception activity

DAY 20: Try this technique to develop form constancy.

DAY 21: This is a fun way to develop visual figure ground skills.

 Visual tracking tips and tools

DAY 22: Try these visual tracking tips and tools.

 auditory processing activities

Day 23: Try these auditory processing activities.

 Core strengthening with music

 intrinsic hand strengthening

DAY 25: Use these strategies to build intrinsic hand strength.

 Task initiation executive functioning strategies

 Toys for extended wrist stability

 How to help kids learn impulse control

DAY 28: Use these ideas to help kids learn impulse control.

 Use animal crackers  oral motor exercise

DAY 29: This is a fun way to practice oral motor exercise.

 Visual spatial skills

DAY 30: Try these activities to help with visual spatial skills.