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Proprioception and Vestibular Winter Activity Blanket Bundle

Winter means cold and warm, fuzzy blankets!  And the best part of cozy winter days is the vestibular and proprioceptive input that can be provided with a snugly blanket.

Vestibular Winter Activity to turn therapy into play

Grab a few heavy duty blankets and lay them out on the floor.  Roll your child up like a winter burrito. Keep rolling once they are wrapped up tightly.  Then, roll them in the other direction to unwrap the winter burrito.  Change the vestibular input by creating a large roll with the blankets (without the child inside!) Use the blanket roll as a balance beam (like we did here) or to lay on.

Proprioception Winter Activity with Blankets

Rolling a child up in a blanket is a great way to provide deep input to a child's whole body. This is calming and organizing. Add proprioceptive input for calming and regulating by piling pillows ontop of your child after they've been wrapped up in the blanket.  Press evenly and gently, but firmly, with both hands to provide deep pressure input.

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