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Thank You for Accessing Self-Monitoring Strategy Guide for Kids

Thank you for accessing the Self-Monitoring Strategy Guide for Kids. 

 Printable self-monitoring strategy guide for teaching kids self-monitoring skills.

This is a free printable version of our self-monitor strategies for kids article posted here on The OT Toolbox. Use the printable sheets in education or to inform teachers, parents, therapists, or other professionals on strategies that can be used to teach children self-monitoring skills. 

If you arrived at this page by mistake and would like access to this five page printable guide, visit our recent article on self-monitoring strategies for kids and enter your email to gain access to the printable version of the article here

As a thank you and to provide additional resources related to self-monitoring skills and metacognition in kids, check out these tools that may be of help in teaching kids self-monitoring skills:

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Resources available to address self-monitoring and metacognition in kids: 

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