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Ice Cream Play Dough Mat Hand Strengthening

This Ice Cream Play Dough Mat printable is a free tool that can help kids work on improving hand strength with a fun, ice cream theme! 

When kids show weakness in their hands, it can be hard to know where to begin. Typically the child is frustrated by the very activities or tasks that strengthen hands. There's a reason why: it hurts! Their hand is fatigued and tasks like coloring are HARD! What if I told you a fun activity that involved an ice cream theme and play dough could take care of the fine motor struggles? When kids use this ice cream play dough mat, hand strengthening is sure to follow!

Use this free printable ice cream play dough mat to help kids improve fine motor strength, specifically intrinsic hand strengthening with a fun play dough activity and a play dough mat activity.

Ice Cream Play Dough Mat

If you've been following The OT Toolbox over the past few weeks, you've probably seen a few play dough mats on the site. We've shared a couple of fun play dough mats that encourage intrinsic hand strength for a reason: Hand strengthening is SO important for our kids!

This ice cream play dough mat is a fun one. Kids can create small balls of play dough that fit the various sizes on the ice cream images. all while working on the intrinsic hand strength and the fine motor skills that they need for tasks like pencil grasp, endurance in coloring or writing, accuracy with scissors, dexterity to manipulate very small items like coins, and coordination for tasks like buttoning or zippering.

Using a play dough mat like this one creates a fun opportunity for strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the hands.

Intrinsic Hand Strength Activity

When kids use play dough in the tips of their fingers and thumb, they are really working the small muscles of the hand, or the intrinsic muscles. These are the ones that ensure arch development and contribute to separation of the sides of the hand, both which are SO important when it comes to fine motor skills and use in small motor tasks. 

Get the kiddos busy with this ice cream play dough mat to work on that intrinsic hand strength with this free printable playdough mat. You'll want to cover it with a durable surface so you can print it off once and use it over and over again. 

Remember to ask the child to use just one hand and only the tips of the fingers and the thumb to roll the play dough balls of various sizes to fit the circle forms on the ice cream playdough mat. 

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    Print this free ice cream play dough mat and work on fine motor strength such as intrinsic hand strength and general hand strengthening needed for fine motor tasks such as handwriting and pencil grasp.