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Winter Brain Break Ideas

Need Brain Break ideas for the kids? These energizing brain breaks are gross motor activities that can break up the school day or be added to the classroom schedule. Mix some of these movement breaks into the classroom to help kids focus and stay on task while getting a chance to get a short mental break from the class schedule. I love that these movement breaks can give kids a chance to weave activity right into learning. Whether you are looking for stretches or specifics like activities that fit your curriculum, most of these brain break ideas can be modified to meet your classroom needs!

Add winter brain break ideas to the classroom to add movement breaks so kids can learn and focus with better attention, all with a winter theme!

Brain Break Ideas

It's Winter Week here on The OT Toolbox and each day we're talking all about activities to get the kids active and moving indoors. If you would like to see the other activities we are sharing this week, you can check out yesterday's Indoor Recess Ideas. 

Here is the line-up for Winter Week activities, so be sure to stop back each day this week. By the end of the week, you'll have enough ideas to last the rest of the winter months!

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And now, on to the brain breaks! Check out these Winter Brain Breaks for classroom 

1. Build a snowman- This winter brain break requires imagination and some large motor skills! Students may need verbal cues and maybe a visual model when first doing this snowman brain break. Here's what  Pretend to roll a ball of snow. Then another big snowball. Ask students to place their pretend snowballs on the first one to build the snowman. Next, pick up a carrot and some "rocks" from the ground. Press them into the snowman's head. Next, look on the "ground" to find some sticks for arms. Press them into the sides of the sides of the snowman. Add any additional details like a scarf, hat, or boots. 

2. Penguin Freeze Dance- This winter brain break activity is a great addition to an arctic theme in the classroom! Take 5 minutes to move and groove, penguin-style! Turn on some music and the students can waddle like penguins! Then suddenly stop the music and all of the classroom penguins need to FREEZE! Play for about 5 minutes and then get back to learning.

3. Dice Roll- Write numbers 1-6 on the chalkboard. Assign each number to an action movement like hop up and down, touch the ground, stand on one leg, do a funny dance, jumping jacks, etc. Then roll the dice and everyone needs to do the action. Keep rolling and moving for 3-5 minutes. Some more action ideas include: turn in two circles, do a burpee, do a push-up, and sit on the floor then stand up very quickly.

4. Winter Yoga- Add movement breaks to the classroom with some calming yoga moves. Winter themed yoga stretches can be a nice break in the classroom schedule when it's too cold to go outdoors. Here is a Winter Yoga Card Bundle that has printable yoga cards and comes with a story using the yoga poses.

5. Snowman Says- Play a quick game of Simon Says with a snowman theme! Imagine you are part of a classroom full of snowmen who are moving their snowman parts. Use your imagination and stretch, move, and move that snow body!

6. Polar Bear Brain Breaks- We've shared a bear brain breaks free printable sheet here on The OT Toolbox. Use it with a polar bear theme! Hint: Do the same brain break activities and call it a polar bear move :)

7. Winter Brain Break YouTube Videos- There are some great movement and activity videos on YouTube that can get the kids up and moving so they are ready to learn. The brain break videos below are winter themed. 

Baby Shark, Winter Edition: 

Penguin Dance Brain Break: 

The Sid Shuffle- Ice Age Continental Drift:

Small Foot- Do the Yeti:

I'm a Penguin- Brain Break for Kindergarten:

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Use these winter brain break ideas in the classroom as a movement break for kids.